Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GIT,Jaipur-24 Mar 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GIT,Jaipur-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello to all of them who are trying for accenture?..this was an awesome experience for me as this was my third time to face an interview after MBT and Infy. Accenture paper consists of the following 4 rounds:-

    1. Aptitude test (3 sections)
    2. GD
    3. HR
    4. Technical Interview

    Aptitude consists of three sections:-
    2. mathematics 
    3. logical reasoning

    English part was the easiest one. It started with 5 questions on articles, 5  on fill in the appropriate word, two passages (one on SQL and the other on DBMS), a bit confusing and time consuming..(one of them is already in previous papers) Synonyms.


    Mathematics was quite easier for me(as I was preparing since MBT)?Make sure that u do all the questions from venn diagrams, symbol questions like-if *=+, - symbolizes /? and so on.. one question on direction sense.


    Verbal- it included the following:- which of the following are similar- 345678,345678,346875etc.  passage questions(puzzle type).

    Remember that the test was easy, what matters is time management and amount of right answers as the cutt-off is very high everytime.

    In GD they were asking the following topics:-

    Can India be a world power

    Black or white

    shahrukh vs amitabh


    some viad ones like mother or father

    It industry

    just be in touch with the news n try to keep ur sense of creativity with u.they also check ur presence of mind.


    My GD was very good. Two of my friends were in a same group n that too just in front of the panel.. at the end she said that we were excellent and superb..this made us even more confident.

    In HR I was asked general questions? for the first time I was very comfortable. The most interesting thing was when the panel asked me to tell him the thing for which I am recognized, I could recollect only that I can make sounds of different things like dog?s bark,  vendor?s way of selling etc etc?. He asked me to show something, I said that I would be very loud, he said its fine? so I actually barked there( he was just checking confidence). Then he started filling my entries and said that I am writing here that u ?can bark? in ur qualities. After some more questions , my Hr was over. When I went outside, I noticed that ?final rounding? was written on it.

    One more thing, Do get all the details about the Company

    I headed to Technical interview which was good again , I was asked about my branch related questions as I am a non-cp/it candidate?

    Next morning I was delighted to hear that I am in Accenture.


    One imp message frm my side is that do not lose hope, be confident and u will be at the right place.

    Wish u good luck!!!!


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