Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC Mohali-7 Aug 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC Mohali-7 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hii friends.....Im ashutosh recently I placed in ACCENTURE through joint campus placement held at CEC landran..Accenture is one of the world's no 1 IT company.

    To b e placed in Accenture u shud have to go through from 4 rounds
     Ist  Round :-  Aptitude (v.v.easy) 55 QUESTIONS TIME 60 MINS
    2nd Round :-  Group Discussion (Difficult)
    3rd  Round :- Techical or HR Interview (depends upon ur day...but u need to prepare)
    4th  Round ;-  HR or Technical Interview ( need tp prepare).

    Keep on thing in mind ...These Are All Eliminatory Rounds ....You Just Need  To Focus Every  Time N U'll B Through Out Definately ... 825/5000 Were shortlisted for GD and 450/825  for inmterviews and finally 214/450 are selected.So means their selection rate is quite fair.   

     Very easy test . U just need to brush up ur skills and go through RS Aggrwal (Verbal & Non- Verbal) and U will be through


    Q.1 to Q.3 Prepositions

    One of the questions was-
     __ his vacation, Ram went __ the forest and also walked __ the river.
    Ans: During, to, along (other options may confuse you, like you would think it can be 'across the river', but choose the one in which all three are fitting)

    There was 1 question that had only 1 blank as well.
    Q.4 to Q.6- Choose the closest meaning to the words in Italics:

    One of the questions was-
         Due to his versatile qualities, Mohan was able to do all types of jobs quite easily.
                       Ans: Flexible

    (Other options can confuse you like 'Multi-talented' was an option, but choose the word that exactly fits in the sentence and carries the correct meaning)

    Q.7- Q.10 Articles:
    Fill in the articles in the following sentences:

    One of the questions was-
         __ essay, which was later chosen as __ best, was written by __  student who used to be quiet in the class.
                         Ans: The, the, the

    (These type of questions were quite easy and there were 1-2 questions that had only 1 blank as well)

    Q.11- Q.15 were based on a passage that was related to operating system (OS 2 and its newer versions. It was compared to other operating systems and its advantages and disadvantages were discussed)

    The answers of the 3 questions were within the passage and answers of 2 questions had to be given by interpreting the passage. So I would suggest, since the passage was long and time consuming, better have a glance on the questions before starting the reading.

    Q.16- Q.20 were based on another passage on PLM (Process Life cycle Management)
    This passage was very long so I left it for the end.

    Apply the same trick for answering the questions of the very long passage!!!

    SECTION II- Q.21 to Q.40

    Q.21- Q.26 These were the questions based on Venn diagram.

    If in a class 80 people speak English, 42 speak French, 65 speak Hindi, 12 speak both English and Hindi, 17 speak both French and Hindi, 13 speak both English and French and 6 speak all three languages, how many people are there in all?

    Q.27- Q.30 A variety of questions were there:

    1 question on Blood relation-

          Pointing to a man Carl said, "He is the son of brother of my mother's husband." How are Carl and the man related?
                        Ans: Paternal Cousin

    1 question on Directions-
          A man walked 2 km east, then he turned NE and walked 5 km. Then he walked 2 km west. How much and in which direction should he move to reach the initial point?
                        Ans: 5 km South-West

    31-35 were of following type:
    Two sentences are given below. Mark the answer according to the following:
    A- If only FIRST sentence is required to verify the sentence
    B- If only SECOND sentence is required to verify the sentence
    C- If both FIRST and SECOND sentence are required to verify the sentence
    D- Cannot be verified even if both sentences are considered

    Two trains are traveling towards each other. When will the two trains meet? If -
    1. Train A is coming at a speed of 20km/hr
    2. Train B is coming at a speed of 30km/hr
    Ans: D

    36-40 were based on:
    If 1 is written as $, and 0 is written as *. Then answer the following:
    (e.g. 4 is written as $** and 3 is written as $$)

    The solution of the above expression can be represented as?
    Ans: $*$* (1010 in binary i.e. ten in decimal)

    SECTION III- Q.41 to Q.55
    Q.41- Q.45 Mark the answers according to the following:
    A- If all the three options match
    B- If FIRST and SECOND options match
    C- If FIRST and THIRD options match
    D- If none of the three match

    Ans: C

    Another example:
    1896.5738491023    1896.5783491023    1896.5738461023
    Ans: D

    Q.46-Q.49 were based on the Puzzle-type question. It said:
    Following was the criteria decided by the selection committee of Indian Cricket Board:
    1) Player's age should be 18-28 years
    2) He must be the captain of any cricket team for at least 2 years
    3) He must be a Ranji Player for at least 2 years
    4) He must have taken at least 20 wickets or made 1000 runs in a calendar year in Ranji

    If 1st condition is not fulfilled .. referred to chairman
    If 2nd condition is not fulfilled .. he must be an all rounder with at least 500 runs and 15 wickets
    If 4th condition is not fulfilled .. referred to VP

    Questions were like following example:
    Rahul was born on Dec.10,1979 and is a captain of Ranji team since Feb 2005. He won man of the tournament last year for taking 24 wickets last year. He is:
    a) Selected       b) Rejected     c) Referred to Chairman   d)Data Insufficient
    Ans: a
    (These questions are also easy if you draw a table with names of the aspirant in rows and criteria in the columns, and then checking whether he/she fulfils it or not)

    Q.50- Q.55 were also a bit easy and were of two types:
    Example of type 1:
    If * means +, + means -, - means / and / means *, then what is the value of-

    Example of type 2:
    If * means /, / means -, - means + and + means *, then which of the following is true:
    a) 7+43*2/13-7+8 = 22.6        b) 4-9*7/4*2/3-7+2 = 25 ..   ..

    (The type 1 are easier and less time consuming and type 2 are more time consuming but still can be solved. 3 of the questions were of type1 and other 3 of type two)

    Note: The Examples that I have given are almost the same questions that were asked to us. Few examples are given by me to just make you understand the type pf question since I don't exactly remember the question.

    2ND Round:- GD (very difficult) keep in mind they r going to recuit those people who have good communication skills

    TECHNICAL Interview:-
    Q 1. Describe ur self

    This was my technical interview (lucky day)... but some times they ask questions as well ........
    q1. Describe ur self
    q2. Explain ur project
    q3. Diff between static variables and dynamic variables
    q4. Call by value or call by refrence
    q5  Pointers
    q6 Write a prog. to swap 2 varibles without using 3rd one
    q7 wite a prog to find length of string without using strlen() function 
    so u need to go through some basic concepts

    HR Interview
    q1. How r u?
    Me:- Fine sir
    q2. Tell me some thing abt ur self
    Me. Ans
    q3. What r ur strengths?
    Me. Ans (but be carefull u shud have to ans with example)
    q4. Ne age gap?
    Me. NO (they donot recruit people who have age gap and variations in marks)
    q5. Why ACCENTURE??(most important)
    Me. Answered
    q6. What u expect from IT industry?
    Me. Ans
    q7. Sell this table fan
    Me. Ans
    q8. Which color socks u r wearing nw?
    Me. Ans
    q9. Ne thing u would like to ask?
    Me. What kind of project shud i have t deal with so that they will become helpful for me in future?

    Mine Technical and HR Interview were not more than 5 mins bczo might be I was my day n finally I selected.... hope c u soon there BEST OF LUCK.

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