Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC, Landran-18 Aug 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC, Landran-18 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Guyz!! 

    All those who r going to appear for accenture test, first of all, all the best to all of them, dont worry at all. Before explaining the test format, i want to tel u guyz..that for cracking accenture test...just concentrate well on your english, communication skills and confidence. These are the far most important things for accenture. Test for accenture is being conducted by some intermediatory company named meritec

    Written Test
    1. Most of the questions were based on English: comprihension, noun/verb/adjectives/articles etc.
    2. Venn diagrams
    3. Match the digits given
    4. $!!$### kind of questions 

    im not giving the exact questions coz they wil not be repeated bt pattern wil be same. Accenture's paper pattern is different from other companies. no need to go through R.S aggarwal. Not that kind of questions.

    Essay writing
    After completing multiple choice paper they will say u to right one page essay on the back of answer sheet. Topic will be very easy. they basically checks ur grammar, mental level n english n not content.

    No negative marking was there, but sectional cut off was there. Test is easy, just u need to work well on ur english n general i.q. u wil be through. In out recruitment drive around 7000 sat for test and 825 cleared the written test.

    G. D
    In G.D they made groups of 12 ppl in one group. Guys go through this  for all kind of G.D topics and remeber H.R will say u to suggest some G.D topic so be ready with around 8-10 gd topics as he sometimes takes time to choose from. Better u all in team decide that which wil u tel H.R a ur topic of discussion before the hand.

    Its not that tough round. all wat u hv to do is speak, dont be so aggressive or silent too. H.R wil give chance to everyone to speak. Even if u hv made one solid point n speak out just once through the session that wil be satisfactory enough to choose u. if u wil start the discussion that wil help u 4 sure in cracling this round. They eliminate very less ppl in this round. some times they take 11 out of 12 . On an average they take 8-9 ppl. Just be confident n dont ever repeat the point which someone else has discussed.

    Technical Interview
    This round is too kind of H.R round. They ask from ur resume mostly. Be well prepared with ur projects details which u hv mentioned in ur resume, ur role in those projects and tools used. Prepare C, C++, Data structures and ur degree subjects well. Elimination rate is very high in this round. So try to give ur best shot. Be confident n keep smile on ur face. Sometimes they ask about H.R questions too in this round. They asked me about projects, my city and why its famous (Ludhiana) and about area of interest.

    H.R Interview
    If u reach till this round then u r almost selected. Be confident n give ur best shot here.
    They ask genreral questions like, wat they asked me:
    1. Tell about urself?
    2. What are ur expectations from this interview?
    3. Tell about ur family?
    4. Tell about ur qualification?
    5. what u know about Accenture? (Except wat was mentioned in ppt) Guyz go through accenture website pretty well n explore each n every link before the hand, this wil help u
    6. Why i hire u?
    7. R u ready for relocationd?
    8. Do u know about service bond of accenture?
    9. Do u hv any backlog or gap in ur studies?
    10. Which are the 3 top indian I.T brands?
    11. Whats special in u?
    12. give me ur one strength and 1 weakness?
    13. Explain ur self in 1 word?

    And at the end of the day i got offer letter of Accenture!!! the whole process lasted for 3 days. 
    Good luck guyz, U wil crack the test, just believe in ur self n hv faith in God n give ur ever best shot..


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