Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vishvakarma Government Engg College-20 May 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vishvakarma Government Engg College-20 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    M now part of the accenture team..  wont say that it was my dream company s I got to know that such a company exists only on 17th.. i.e barely 3 days before it came down for d recruitment. But after knowing d company profile.. ne 1 wud b dying to work  in.. its got everything 2 becum ne1s dream company?.


    Ours recruitment drive was on 20th may 2007.. at vgec clg Ahmedabad.. It was thru kunj n ardent consultancy.. paper from merit track.. Damn easy paper? but effective time management VERY VERY essential.. otherwise stop dreaming bout ACCENTURE


    Paper was of same pattern.. 55 questions 60 mints essay on ?expectations from ur organization?

    stick with 1 option of guess either a b c 0r d

    I started with last section it was damn easy.. than procced to sec 1 n last sec 2 first completed al d ?read n tick? kinda ones..

    5 question on select d appropriate article.. a an the kinda.. and synonyms ones, chose d closely related kinda..


    1 on blood relation.. amit says karan is son of my fathers brother.. ans cousin

    2 readin comprehensions..

    1st on LAN and WAN

    2nd on PROCESSOR

    both were easy but needed much concentration.. I did it last n suggest u d same?

    next were replace *with + , / with - , + with / n ? with + 

    2 questions asked to evaluae it n 4 were on chose d correct equations from 4 given equations.. I solved 2 of these rest 2 were wild guess.. solve only if u got ample of time..

    than comes their fav one.. replace 1 with $ n 0 with *.. I find these kinda damn boring.. to time consuming.. solved sum other wild guesses?

    few questions on probability.. go thro solved example  no 10 on page 462 reasoning by aggrawal.. I got d ans usin dat method

    so it was quite tricky next came results within 30 mints?  

    around 200 cleared out 0f 800?  I got pretty much sure of getting d job d moment d declared d apti results?


    next was g d round.. DARE U pple take it lightly.. start behaving professionally right after u clear round 1.. be on time for gd.. 2 of my group members were eliminated cause they entered gd room after we al were settled.. which implies they were late..

    ours wa a lady moderator.. pretty easy goin yet clear with wat she was looking for.. our topic was SHOULS THERE BE DRESS CODE.. she asked for our opinon n dan finalized. D above topic..


    piece of  golden advice to u al.. start mappin caliber of ur group members  d moment name of group members are bein announced.. wil help u al a lot.. I striked converstion wit 4 of them n mapped them.. tho  of them 3 got selectd but 2 were out later in interview.. also try n identify weak member of group n encourage him for ur advantage.. earn s many points in gd s u can.. wil help in later stages of selection.. they go on addin al d points..

    dey announced results immediately after d gd.. dan came ppt.. s its mentioned in previous posts its more of quizin rather dan presentation.. it was fun n managed to get our al eyes n ears set on them.. these pple r dynamic.. tho I dint get a chocolate.. accenture was formerly known as ANDERSON CONSULTING.. name change was on 01.01.01



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