Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   Don Bosco Institute Of Technology, Bangalore-2 Apr 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   Don Bosco Institute Of Technology, Bangalore-2 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello friends, I am Preethi. Recently I got placed in ?Accenture?!


    The selection process included of 4 rounds:

    The First round was a written test which included both aptitude and technical sections!

    The paper was similar to ULKAT exam and was simple. Read R.S.Agarwal?s aptitude book and that?s more than enough.

    Then we were supposed to write an essay for about 5min on the topic, ?IT industry in India after 5 years?!!

    Though it was a simple topic, I think many of them got eliminated here.

    REMEMBER: Use simple language and be clear in your expression of ideas?introduction, main body, conclusion, if possible some example!


    The Second round was Group Discussion. The topic given to us was,?The next Economical Super power-INDIA or CHINA ?! The discussion went on for about 20 min and then each of us were given a minute to conclude. Amongst the 12 in my group, 9 were selected.

    REMEMBER: Speak fluently and stick to one vision. Body language counts. Never boss over. Be involved in the discussion.


    The Third round was an HR interview and many of them were actually eliminated in this round. The interviewer was quite friendly and the questions were as follows:  

    ->Tell me abt urself, Why Accenture?, Which other s/w company do u know?, How can you prove that you are a team player?,

    ->Give me an example where you have proposed an idea to your team and they have accepted it (I told him directly that I couldn?t remember anything specific, but I told him the main thing that I wuld always stress to my team members ?time management).
    ->Why should I hire u? (Very important question and answer appropriately. Tell about your strengths),

    ->What is your motto in life? (he seemed to be impressed by my answer),

    ->Who is your role model in life? (I had to tell a public figure).

    ->About Hobbies ( ur respective hobbies, know completely about it).

    REMEMBER: Be yourself. Never try to exaggerate anything. Again body language counts and your communication skill is tested here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    The Fourth round was a Technical interview and was a simple one.

    ->He gave me a small C program to write?to accept a number and print it in the reverse order.

    ->Differences between 8086 and 8085 mupi.

    ->Family of microprocessors.

    ->He asked me whether I can write a program in Assembly lang. I said that I wuld try but he didn?t give.(probably, confidence testing).

    That?s it.

    Finally, at around 8:30 p.m, I got to know that I was selected. Thanks to GOD, my parents and my lecturers for standing by me in every step.

    NEVER LOSE HOPE! TRUST GOD! He always has the best in store for u. After all U are his child.

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