Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   CEC Landran-4 Aug 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Other   CEC Landran-4 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hii guys 
    i gott placed in accenture which visited cec collge landran on 4th of august 2007....the apptitude test was very easy as per the pattren given in other profiles on freshers under accenture papers....
    vell i cleared the test with 38 marks out of 55 and i think the cut off was 35 or 30...825 people cleared the test out of 7000 from 73 colleges....

    on 17th of aug v had our GD ...huuhh GD vass bitt difficult task...the panelist was verry harsh and straight forward....first he divide our group of 12 people into two halfes i.e.6 6 denn he asked us to choose the topic vther sex education shudd b dere in schools in collges or not...v all said datt bcozz v had allready decided ealier  he rejected the topic and vent for difficult one and siad us to GD on microprocessors...v said its difficult...denn he asked us to GD on "modren farming techniques" i startedthe Gd and i think he noted that and itt favoured me...i vass bitt high in pitch so datt others can b quit ...denn he pointed us to argue each other and said othervise everyone vill b out....denn there vass a fish market....first he said first 6 to speak against and other six to speak for teh topic and he denn said to flip after some time mind gott stuck....i vass not able to speak for a vhile...denn i raised just one ponit and he said to end the GD and ventt out...hey gguys i vass only one who cleared the GD in my group....

    so next vass the interview day...on 18 th...we were said taht v had two rounds one technical and one HR...butt as i got my turn verry late in the evening at 5 so slowly itt gott to HR both just a both rounds vent verry gudd the only things deyy vere lookin for confidence and gudd communication skills...deyy justt asked tell me about urself??..y accenture??? n y shudd v hire u???? n all datt...vell i cleared both and vass finally selected....

    just i voont to say is donnt loose hope itt vass my 15th company i vent for till now i vass not able to clear even one test..butt finally i gott so donot loose hope and gett going

    vell guys best off lukk c u all in accenture :-the accent of future
    Ishat Preet

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