Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pydah College, Vizag-29 Jun 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pydah College, Vizag-29 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends, Iam placed in accenture .It was an off campus recruitment at chaitanya and i would like to tell u about the procedure

    Written test:. English(20 marks):  Includes prepositions ,articles,2 rc's.Apptitude(20marks):venndiagrams,ratios,datasufficiency. Critical resoning(10 marks),essay writing(5)and the time was1hr followed by gd,hr&tech.

    The written test was  easy and the cut off was something around(35).some of the  questions which i remember r ,$ represents 1,* rep 0 and the substitutions + sub *,- sub / sort of questions.

    Some of the essay writing(only for last 5 min) topics are "mycollege life","career in IT".Time management is really an important factor.It would be better to answer the questions in two parts first the easy ones & then the difficult ones.

    gd was cool.we were ask to choose the topic and our topic was"should orkut be banned or not".some other topics are Azim premji vs Amitabh,"should cell phones be banned in the college" 

    my hr round lasted only about 2 mins.The ques are
    what r ur positive &negative points?
    what r ur hobbies?
    would u like to be relocated?
    top 3 IT companies in India?
    why accenture?
    he asked me to explain about my project? 

    My tech was difficult.He went through all my sem subjects and asked me questions.some of my ques r
    what is the probability that i get 3 heads when i toss a coin thrice?
    what is a turing machine?
    os def?how was the working when there was no os?
    difference b/w object oriented &structure oriented?
    arshalls algo working?
    what is a stack and its real time application?
    he asked me about my project in depth?(prepare well)
    wap to generate all the primes within a given range?
    what r the various visibility modes?
    what is a friend function?
    what is the difference b/w a balance sheet and a profit&loss account?
    tell me abt ur self?

    It lasted nearly for half an hour.Electrical people were asked to draw various circuits. Try to revise all ur sem subjects.Prepare well& all the best.


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