Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pune-5 Apr 2008

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pune-5 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello, friends m Ajay Kumar Poswal pursuing BE(IT), 3rd yr from Army institute of Technology, Pune. First of all i'd like 2 tell u all dat don't go by accenture selection figures... u may think out of 2000 it has juss selected 50 .... but wat m saying accentur test is really very very easy... u may b thinking dat evry selected candidate think so... but m telling u d figure frm my college... from my college total 91 students appeared out of dat 69 cleared Apti & in final only 65 sat 4 interwiew & GD , at last 40 from my college got selected finally... so now u can conclude how simple it is.. now d actual figure is dat
    total appeared(from all colleges) 1150.. apti---> 209 , finally ---> 55.
    my col status: total appeared : 91 .. apti--> 69 .. 65 appeared 4 interview .. finally.. 40 (so go by my coll statics)

    i've read in all earlier papers dat accenture mainly focus on comm. skills & it doesn't take students having year gap... m telling u out of 40 selected frm my coll 25 people were having a year gap... so people havin gap cheers... 2nd thing comm. skills r also not dat much important dey juss c whether u keep mum or u try 2 do somthing.. or speak somthing.. tuti-futi english will do...

    1ST SECTION : (english)
    Q1-Q3--> preposions:- type:
    He was charged ....... murder of mr. ram. (with,for,of,none)
    Q4-Q6---> articles:- type:
     .....erred light gives me.... creeps. (an,no article), (the,a) ,(an,the)
    Q7-Q10 ---> synonym: type:
    He has VIVID memories of his college life.  bright ,clear, dull
    A paragraph on HUMAN COMPUTER interface was given. Qs were asked frm dat only.. 1st read the Qs then paragraph.
    Q16-Q20 Another paragraph was given & Qs were asked frm dat only but dere were no direct Ans.. instead u've 2 find dem.

    SECTION 2:(maths) (Q21-Q30)
     Q.21 If 3 chocolates, 2 cake & 1 icecream costs $24. and 7 chocolates 4 cakes & 2 ice cream costs $64. wat is d cost of 1 chocolate
    a.16 b.14 c.8 d.24
    soln: 2nd data is juss double except 1 choclate extra.. so result is 64 - (24*2) = 16
    Q22. ratio of girls is to boys in a class 4:5 . dere r total 4100 books each girl gets 100 books extra, now find how many books each girl gets.
     a.300 b.700 c. 400 d. none
    Q23 present population of a town is 60000 it grows at a rate of 6% evry year. at d end of 2nd yr 4500 leaves d town . find the population after 3rd yr.

    SECTION 3: (reasoning): Q31-40
     i've left dese 10 qs  for last.. dese included reasoning...
    Q40-Q50:(very simple)
    1 if 1st $ 3rd r similar
     2 if 2nd & 3rd r similar
    3 if 1st & 4th r similar
    4 in all othr options

    Q1. kkkjjhydd 2. kkkjhhydd 3. kkkjjhydd
    Q1. 5.023375 2. 5.032275 3. 5.023335
    Q if * means -. + means * , - means / , / means + find the value of 7+8*3/5-3
    Q51-Q55: a person can be left by police if he has
    1. driving licence
    2.age is more than 21 yrs on 1st july 2007
    3. he owns a car

    he is reffered 2 RTO if he satisfies only 1st condition
    he is fined 100 if he satisfies 2nd condition.
    in all other cases he is been prosecuted.

    Q Mohan has a driving licence, he has a black safari...
    1.he is left   2.he is reffered t RTO   3.he is fined 100   4.Data inadequate.
    ans 4

    there r 2 sets of papers....
    so friends Aptitute is not a big task u shd have just rite approach of attempting... dese r d question 4 which u don't have 2 waste ur time Reading barron's or R S aggarwal nd ol dat.... u juss go thru basic concepts from som previous test papers if available otherwise do search 4 dis type of Qs in ny book.. R S aggarawal is gud bt read only relevant topics.

    many of my friends told dat its the most difficult level of whole selection procedure.. but i'm saying dis is d most simplest of ol.. wen v asked him dat sir is dat comm skills which u c... he said "i think u've seen www.freshersworld .com" he said i'm juss checking whether u can say somthing or not on any topic... our group was of 11... he said "i'm havin very bad exp wid last batch" so v feared dat v r out today.... but he was really a nice guy... he said chose a topic so i suggested RESERVATION nd ol of us accepted d topic (don't argue much)... he said our discussion vill b like debate so he divided us into 2.. half wd speak in favr nd others .. against d topic... i was d person 2 start (for) i said ya! reservation shd b dere bt not on caste nd religion basis but it shd b on economic basis... dere was no hustle bustle in our batch... som were very poor at english but still he was giving chance 2 evry1... nd last he pointed at 4 people nd asked dem 2 speak nd rest shd b silent... frnds belive it or not 2-3 ppl were dere who can't even speak 1 line correctly.... but 2 d surprise of ol he selected all of us ... i.e. 11 out of 11.. he said i'm giving chance to 3 of u.. perform better in interview... so conclusion is dat our batch was quite decent ndaccepted each other's thought so v all were selected... NOT ON D BASIS OF COMM. SKILLS i've seen 2-3 of our college's girls who were very good at english nd knowledge .. everything got rejected b'coz moderator tht dey were too aggressive...

    other topics: BRAIN-DRAIN, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, IMPORTANCE OF END, ROLE OF MEDIA.... no need of preparing much 4 GD .. its very simple u juss remain quite.. bt not totally.. speak juss twice or thrice in betwn .. d u r selected...

    after GD people were divided.. som were having Technical som were having HR... they gave prefernce 2 girls first ol girls were finished wid Technical & HR by 5 pm in d evng.. our GD finished at 10 nd Interview started at 5pm
    so b prepared to get bored, frustrated,tired,hungry..evrything...

    he was a man of abt 45....
    tech:  mr. ajay tell me abt ur self
    me: told my present status , frm were did i passed 10th & 12th . my hobbies... my strengths... etc.. (never stop juss by telling abt u nd ur family .. abt ur self does nt include much abt ur family...)
    tech: give som instant of ur strength.
    me: gave (even if its not happened 2 u.. give som ...)
    tech: so wat is networking?
    me: told
    tech: how it is implemented..?
    me: i told OSI model nd al dat..
    tech: wat will happen if dere is no application layer..
    me: i tried 2 convince him by saying dere will nt b user interface... bt he was not satisfied den i said sir watevr i know i've told u.. i don't know much 
    tech: watevr u find most difficult in programming..?
    me: i was nt prepared wid answer so i juss said sir LINUX tech: LINUX is an OS.. i'm asking abt programming.. me: (sweating) sir v had a subject OS .. those programs i found difficult tech: ok wats diff. betwn DOS nd LINUX.. then he asked abt multithreading, multitasking , how is kernel imp, how it works he asks the only thing which u prompt him 2 ask... as he hears a new word frm u he asks dat ony. 
    tech: how u rate urself in C..?
    me: 2.5
    tech: y 0.5
    me: sir its like variable pay...
    tech: wat r dif types of sortings.. which is best..
    me: insertion, selection,bubble, quick, merge... quick is best.. 
    tech: y quick..
    me: (actually i was having no idea.. i juss said quick) sir its time complexity is least...
    tech : ok ny Qs..?
    me: sir wat type of project shd i take(i have read dis thing in fresherworld itself)..
    tech: ny type.. it doesn't matter...
    me: thanx sir..

    bandi.... hum sainik school vale to vaise hi..kya boloon..... ... she was of abt 25.
    HR: (shook hand) mr. ajay how r u..??
    me: f9 ma'm
    HR: tell me abt ur self..?
    me: same as i've told 2 technical... she also asked instants of my strengths...
    HR: who is IT compititor of India..?
    me: china
    HR: china..??
    me: ya ma'm its a future threat india..
    HR: who is current threat..?
    me: (i was having no idea) Singpore...
    HR: may b malaysia, may b UK
    me: may b ma'm m not sure..
    HR: ok wat is ur stand on Indo-china relationship...?
    Me: told
    HR: u've done mini project.. how u managed.. ur teammates.. nd wat was ur role..
    me: told her.. (tell dat u were the main performer...)
    HR: somthing abt ur family backgrnd...
    me: told..
    HR: ny offers do u have..
    me: no. ma'm
    HR: ok , thanx..(shook hand again..)
    me: thnx ma'm , gud day... and results were announced at 9.15 pm..... and i was dere in d list of successfull candidates.... nd at dat time i was on 7th sky...... i called at home nd informed.... earlier i had never informed dat m goin 2 sit in som company.....

    so, at last wat i want 2 say is dat don't go by rumours believe in ur self... but believe in GOD more than u believe in urself....

    LUCK BHI BAHUT CHALTA HAI BHAI......................
    c u in accenture.....!! .

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