Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-2 May 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-2 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    its on may 2nd we have accenture in our campus placements our first campus for 2008 batch
    >> Written test started at 9.30 very very easy
    u need to see previous papers act sharp no need of grilling prep but time is the most imp facttor OUT OF 550 students 350 were qualified

    >> next comes Group discussion
    my topic is ""role of corporate companies in social responsibilities""
    this is really dangerous careful..speak as much as u can..dont give up till they say stop..dont dominate but dominate..hope u got

    >>next comes HR my quests are
    tell abt u?
    hav u done any thing innovative?
    team work?
    who won shooter medal in olympics from india?
    what did u learn from him?
    my hr is at 11.30 pm
    so she asked is the day too long?
    i said yes,,but today i decided to be in accenture
    what did u learn from the day?
    whats u r father? mother? sister?
    just speak confidently with excellent english comm skills

    i m from ECE
    i didnt write C++ in my resume but they asked these quests
    why shuld we hire?
    tell abt u?
    whats diff betwn c and c++?
    i said the later is oop
    what is oop?
    we create objets and manipulate the data
    what is polymorphism?
    sir, im not versed with c++ as i m from ece
    but i can tell u with an example
    ""two functions with the same names and diff parameters are treated differently"
    what is data structure?
    what is stack?
    weakness and strengths?
    over come them and do u hav any thing to ask?
    i asked growth of ece in accenture?
    what shuld i learn before cmg to accenture?
    he asked me to go the next morning at 11 am my placement officer announced that 82 mambers wrer selected and i m lucky i m one of them
    every round is elemenation perform all u r skills esp u r comm skills believe in god any stay works
    all the best


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