Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-11 Jul 2008

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-11 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    ACCENTURE Sample Test Paper

    Interview Experience 

    Well very recently accenture visited my city and it?s a off  campus 4 me., though it?s 4 BCA n Bsc-IT but the requirement process is same as Btech n MCA recruitment...Before  the tests I  searched a lot 4 BCA requirement but I didn?t get anything. So I  hope my experience will b useful for many,,,and I m a BCA Graduate. 

    Total candidates?55
    Written cleared?42
    GD Cleared?22

    4 round r there.


    This round consist of objective question. 4 part is there. 60 questions 60 mins.last 10 mins is 4 essay writing.No negative marking 

    Two English passages are there at starting.Dnt waste time reading it just read the question then find the ans in passage,as it would b a lengthy passage.
    Some preposition practice. Little bit of grammar. 

    Then Analytical part is there.
    Ratio proportion ,time n tide, little maths tricks r there.
    Then data sufficiency and reasoning .
    Ex. Find differece
    a. jjkhtyr  b. jjkhtyr  c. jjkhhtyr
    At last the question like * is + ,+ is / ,- is * and / is calculate 23*7+(6/2)-7???
    U?ll get 6 to 8 question like that and two of data sufficiency .
    Refer R S Aggrawal . 

    Essay given?IT revolution in INDIA 

    It?s little tough round.We r 13 candidates in this round.6 students r selected.

    Topic was?Impact of Global warming .
    Just put your view with good communication skill and put accurate,distinct and innovative points.If u don?t know much abt the topic just listen everyone and then make a good summary and conclude it . 

    Written has been done 10 days that day GD started at 11.30 am and it took 20 mins. 15 mins 4 discussion.After that just in 2 mins the result had been announced. 


    Some went for HR and some 4 tech,my turn was tech. I was not informed that I was going 4 tech and the time was 12.30pm.

    Sir-Tell me about yourself?
    Me-told(say all your family background and your schooling and college also your career gaps and the reason for that.)
    S-why do you get into this Stream?
    M-it?s  course is equivalent to some parts of Engg ,that?s y.
    S?which course?
    M?Operating system, languages, packages and architecture.
    S-what is 2 and 3 tier architecture?
    M?(I m not expecting this) Haven?t taught yet!
    S-ok difference Between C and C++?
    S?why c is procedural?
    S-can data hiding  be done in c?if yes how ?
    M-told (little confuse)
    S?why we use C when C++ is there? (He made me confused and I was also confused that time as he is asking it rapidly.)
    S-What is a  variable? what?s it life and scope? 

    He just firing the questions.

    S-why are you tensed? relax.
    M-can I have a glass of water please.

    After that I  answered him coolly.

    S?How C++ is useful to us?      
    What?s it characteristics?  A problem given?If 10 people working under me and I want to hide data from 7 people ,so how can I do it?
    S-Define your name in five words.
    M?5 word said.
    S?justify that.
    M-so b prepare for that.
    S--Do you have any question for me?
    Ask what you want 2 kno. (sometimes they asked abt prob and stats,sql and plsql )
    The interview took 15-20 mins. Then volunteer asked me 2 just wait. Then after waiting 4.30hrs my turn came 4 HR and that time I was convinced that I m through 2 next round.. 


    This time I entered the room with smile and being relaxed. The HR madam was very impressive and appealing and also very friendly so she made me more comfortable.

    HR-Introducing herself then tell me abt yourself?
    HR-so you have very huge gap in your career.Why?
    M?I was suffered continuously from jaundice so couldn?t make it in time.
    HR?what is jaundice? how it happened?
    HR?ok,so what does your father do? Then mother..(I told her b4 but she asked again)
    HR?who is your role maodel?
    M?Bhagat sing.
    HR?Is  he your 1st role model or after watching the movies u influenced.
    M?yes he is my 1st role model but after watching those movies I became more passionate.
    HR?Your interest is in painting!! So what type of paintings?
    M?only sketches.
    HR?You have written in your cv you watch movies ,so what type of movies?
    M?Depend upon my mood and no certain choice.
    HR?Have you seen the recent film like OSO ?.or ..Sawariya.(yes Mam)..So what did u learn from that?
    M?From OSO it?s story about the heroine betrayed by her Love..So I felt ?Betrayal begins with Trust?  and from Sawariya it?s complete Love story so ?Love someone truly ??You will die daily?.
    HR?You have very good % in 10th  and also in BCA but your +2 is seemed 2 b little miserable. Why?
    M?Actually after 10th the new college atmosphere just misguide me and I was distracted by???(Just smile)Mam said Girls. yes mam.
    HR?Net surfing is your interest. what you do in net?
    M?Just chatting and now a days a new mania Orkut is there.
    HR?So 24*7 orkutting.
    M?not 24*7 but most of the times
    HR?Have you found your old friend on that??Yes  I got them.
    HR?Have you ever Organized anything or playing a  leading role in event?
    M?ya, couple of years ago I directed a play and last year I was the host of the annual Function held in our college.

    HR?so you just directed that or written the script? and what that play all about?
    M?I?ve written the script and directed that also. It was ?Modern Sholay?.I played the VIRU role on that play.
    HR?Did Basanti dance on glass pieces ?
    M?No mam,as I was Viru so I never let her to do that.
    HR?what?s that Modern Sholay? how is it different from the original?
    M?it?s just same but the climax ended with happy and joy and dancing .We all danced together.Gabbr was also dancing with us.
    HR?Did Gabbar has lost both of his hand in this play?
    M?No mam in real story Thakur has lost both hands, so as in our story too.
    HR?ok tell me .who is the brand ambassador of accenture?
    M?I?ve no idea mam.
    HR?which cannel you like or watch most?
    M?There is nothing specific ,depends on time the & most demanding program.
    HR?still one will b special !!!
    M?No mam,but now a days Neo sports.
    M?as IND Vs PAK series is  going on.
    HR?so what do you think will IND crack this tour over PAK??
    M?yes  mam. Definitely.
    HR?do u watch football? (yes mam) Golf?(yes mam).Who is the no1 player in Golf?
    M?Tiger wood.
    HR?He is the brand ambassador of Accenture.
    M?ohh really  mam.
    HR?ok .Have U ever seen accenture add?
    M?no mam.
    HR?What is the punch line of accenture?
    M?it?s some thing about future.
    HR?no it?s about the performance. Have you seen it written under the name of  accenture.
    M?I?ve seen it but I cant get it right now.
    HR?what do u know about accenture?
    M?told(everything when it came to IND when it got ISO ,it?s dealing with, where it branches everything, the no of countries it has branches)
    HR?It?s nice meeting with you susandeep. Thank you
    M?Thank you mam.

    This conversation took around 30 mins and then I was just waiting for the result. Some rumors are going the number of student selected or rejected, tension is building And after a long wait of 5hrs they invited us to a assembly hall and there just we felt like The top of the world when they announced the name. Its just like the dream came true.
    I hope this information will help you and try your best . 


    Susandeep Das

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