Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GIET Rajahmundry-29 Jun 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GIET Rajahmundry-29 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, My name is NITIN. well i was just seeking an opportunity to write about my selection in ACCENTURE. Well it was not my dream company but when i came to know about ,i chose as  MY DREAM COMPANY.

    well friends u all know about the selection pattern
    1.   Written with a essay
    2.   GD
    3.   HR
    4.   TR

    Friends for written exam just go through previous papers . In my case 20 questions were from previous papers. The test is conducted by merittrac. So the cut off is high. in our case it was between 35-40 from 60. around 400 from 4500 were selected.

    The GD turned into a fish market for many batches. We were luckey since we had a debate instead of GD. 11 of 13 were selected. It was a max eliminating round. only 200 got through it.

    we had this whole stuff in GIET college. the next two rounds were conducted in CEC VIZAG. it was not a easy to get through these two rounds. maximum elimination was done in technical round.

    well friends my  both interviews were like a cake walk just due to one reason I WAS THE ONLY PERSON AMONG THE 200 PEOPLE WHO WAS WORRIED ABOUT SLEEP AND FOOD INSTEAD OF INTERVIEW. SINCE I DID NOT SLEEP FOR TWO DAYS.

    here ws how my HR went. Only my panel had two HR (one Lady and another Gent)
    MHR: well NITIN what does nitin means??
    me: Sir i am having it from 20 years and searching it for 10 years but still could not figure it out. but it is a palindrome. and a unique name.
    MHR:: how was ur day?
    ME: tire some, no sleep, stomach full of acids due to no food.
    MHR:: we apologize for the inconvenience for ur interview will u have a sandwich
    ME::well sir if i need any thing i need to give up some thing. and thanks for the offer but i cant have bread due to acidity.
    LHR:: What attracted u at  ACCENTURE
    ME: well sir iam impressed in ur career growth plan.
    MHR:: What is polymorphism?
    ME:: WELL sir existing of a class in more than one form is called POLYMORPHISM.  A real time example is  the film apirichit. The multiple personality  is perfect example for polymorphism. both HR laughed and clapped at my answer.
    MHR: it was a fun talking to u and thanks for ur spontaneous answers we are impressed.
    ME: Thank u  sir  
    Results were out in two hours and guys i was selected.

    Next was TR on next day.
    Interviews started on 9:00 am i reached at 10:00. as soon i reached i was sent inside for TR. There were three panels and i went to third.
    TR: well nitin, how was ur night
    ME: A terrible nightmare, where we were roaming till 12:00 for food and lodging.finally got it at 1:00 and thus had a sound sleep.
    TR: Fine Tell me about ur self
    ME:: told perfectly without hesitation
    TR: What is the main difference between DBMS and RDBMS
    ME; Told but was not satisfactory.
    TR: OK u mentioned File structure and Database Structure could u explain me clearly?
    ME; Explained  TR Smiled and was impressen
    TR: Explain me OOPS concepts?
    ME : Explained for 10 min including the topics abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism with real time examples.
    TR: satisfied with my answer.
    TR: Do u have any querys about ACCENTURE?
    ME: Does ACCNETURE  deal with projects related to designing and implementations of gaming architecture?
    TR: I hoped u will ask me this question. well we have projects regarding building of games thei characters. Since u r passionate towards games we will surely HELP U IN DEVELOPING UR CAREER LIKE A GAMER!
    ME : Thank u sir???

    Guys at first i did not understand the last line but when results came out i came to know that i was already selected before even coming out of my panel. So guys finally i am in Accenture??..

    my sincere advice to all of u would be that just be honest at ur interview and just try to convey them all u want to tell them???..I was rejected in WIPRO, INFOSYS, SONATA, SYNTEL but finally got into ACCENTURE???????

    Hope this information will boost up all members who dream Accenture.

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