Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BMS College Of Engg., Bangalore-26 Jul 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BMS College Of Engg., Bangalore-26 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi guys , we had accenture recruitment team in my campus(bmsce) . some 400 wrote test, 238 were selected for gd, 80 for tech interview, 60 for hr and finally 47.

    1)first of all we had ppt which went on for a hour .
    2)next we were sent to class room blocks to take up tests.. pls note that paper pattern was same as posted by  many ppl. test duration was 65 mins and 58 questions.  no techincal part in test. we had to write essay at the end . my topic was" your last 3 years at college".
    3) then they asked us to wait for 1 hour , and finally shortlisted 238 for gd, PLS ..PLS.... note that GD is the main elimination round. for GD i had "infrastructure of bangalore" as topic. they see our approach, not our fluency nor how much u talk. be prepared in general topics guys!!!!! in my gd group out of 15 ppl they selected 3 (including me..)
    4) next was technical for some ..n hr for other... once u have cleared GD.. then u r almost through... u should be confident enough . some times in technical u can expect hr questions .. for me following questions were asked

    what is voip?
    what is 3g?
    what is use of modem?
    and many common sense questions in tech ...

    That same asked me some hr questions
    introduce yourself.
    why accenture?
    what u knw abt accenture?
    what will u do if i put u in testing?
    (here be careful for this question... tell them that u want to stick to particular field and have a goal of long term in accenture)
    why 61% in engg.?? (had prepared well for this question)
    then he asked any questions for him.... i asked him since  rupee value increasing..will it effect software engineers in india?
    he was amazed with my question and gave a long answer .. i was quite satisfied.. and thanked him.. n left

    5) once if you are thro in tech round they will call u for final round... which is just a formality ..some 3 questions were asked  i answered...
    they asked me to wait till 7.30 .. and by god's grace i got thro accenture.
    Before accenture i wrote 4 companies and dint get thro .. but i dint lose faith in myself.. guys one more thing ...

    never ever lose hope... if i had lost hope.. i would have never been in accenture..   
    All d best.. c u at accenture
    Vinay M Shet

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