Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -10 Sep 2006

Accenture  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -10 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hey friends,

    GD topics:

    they were providing the topics as per ur suggestions but few hr managers were providing some different one. mostly topics i herd were as follows
    1. Indian population is bane or boon.
    2. pectisides of pepsi and coke
    3. reservation conflict
    4. can india be super power
    5. ball tampering hair case
    6. pink Vs blue.
     it depens on you also that what do you chose there but most of the members use to opt current topics hence it is my suggestion to all seekers that prepare hard on current topics. now pay attention on few things while gd it is imp than above things. come up with soft voice and strong points.
    1. say confidently 
    2. mark your fluency and pronounciation
    3. speek in pleasant voice and only when find turn and for that use manner raise your hand it shows curtasy.
    4. do not make fish market
    5. address group rather than gd conductor
    6. try to iniciate with permission and wish the group
    7. pay attention in gd while discussion
    8. donot cross any one
    9. mind your body language you may read allan pease body lang for the same. the time of exit do not forget to wish have a nice day to gd coordinator.
    i think in any interview only confidence plays. say what ever with confidence not overcofidence. pay attention on following things
    1. confidence
    2. eye contact
    3. voice should be pleasant
    4. speak with slow speed and effectively using hands gesture
    5. smile must at the time of entry, wrong answer,exit
    6. show that you can sacrifice every thing for company
    7. dress should be formal.light shirt dark pant. for girls cotton suit is prefered.
    8. they also see your interest towards software and company. visit company profile properly.
    9. stats should be very much required

    For HR interveiw you should have answers prepared in advance like tell me abt your self, role model n why, drop reason, goal short or long, study plan, diffculty in life, project exp and your contribution in same.why to change your field (for those who r not from cs or mca bkground), why

    i think this will suffice you if not read few books. gd and pi book by jacob publication. author i dont remember.
    u guys know very well what to do next one more thing is your attitute should be positive always.
    they had asked very less no of questions to me hence not imp to disscuss here the 3 qus's answer i had given keeping company into consideration. I think it was only the reason they did not ask more than that and i got selected.
    Santosh Dubey.

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