Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Truba College Of Technology, Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Truba College Of Technology, Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Every one....

    A great place to look and learn about previous papers of Companies.

    Accenture came to Bhopal on 2-3 July 2010 they picked up 224 students. around 4k+ were there in written round

    the procedure is divided in 4 parts

    1)written paper 55 questions in 60 mins + An Essay of 5 mins time of 5 marks

    2)GD of about 10-15 mins

    3) TI

    4) HR

     Friends, In Written there were 2 passages as well in the set.

    try to do them at last as it takes most of ur time and thus ur much of the time is saved for doing other section questions.

    I had done the QA and Mathematics first...

    there were 40 students seated in each room and about 4-5 were selected from each room.(Some rooms had only 2 selected too.)

    So this is the main round you should try to go through

    GD round

    The most fearing round for many of us. But believe me friends. Once you are in there you will enjoy the moments.
    Dont hesitate to give ur points, but remember never to interrupt in between when any of your colleague  is speaking.
    Try to be a good Listener too, that helps u very much.You will be sitting in a bunch of 15 and in most of the cases 7-8 will be selected or even more.

    My topic was
    Democracy in India Vs Democracy in West


    TI Round

    This was the most memorable round for me, i was very much nervous.
    but Sir (HR ) who was taking my Interview made me calm and relax. He told me not to be nervous as it is just a formal introduction between we two people to know each other better.

    HR:   So Priyank, Ur Favorite Subjects.?

    Me:  Sir, DBMS and Computer Networking

    HR:  OK, So tell me something about Normalization.

    Me: I gave him the definition.

    HR : explain different types of Normalization.

    Me: I was giving the answers but was quite nervous and then he told me to be calm and relaxed as i have told    this earlier.

    HR: OK, So take this paper and draw a database table.

    Me: I made one on the paper.

    HR: Is this table Normalized?

    Me: No

    HR: Then normalize it.

    Me: I Tried to normalize but could not go after 2NF form.

    Hr: Then he said me to leave that.

    and then he switched his question towards my Major Project .

     He asked me all sorts of things about my Projects , my role , my team, working of the project.

    I think he was quite satisfied by my replies.

    Then he asked me about any programming languages .

    I told him C, C++

    He asked many questions on OOPs concept like, Inheritance, data abstraction, data hiding.

    Then he told me to implement Inheritence program in C++ .

    I was not ready for this question, so my mind went blank., but some how i managed and asked sir that, if i could use Java to implement that, he said OK,

    Then i showed him that in Java.

    Apart from these he asked me few questions like , Why i took Computer Science branch, and anything i did in Computers aside of my Engineering.

    I told him about my website

    he was quite satisfied my answers. and then he asked me to wait outside for the results.

    Finally I was selected in the TI Round.


    It was very liberal round for us as we were quite confident till now.

    he asked me a series of questions like

    Tell me something about yourself

    then tell me something about your Family.

    Are you willing to relocate to any other location?

    Are you willing to sign bond for 1 yr?

    Then he asked me to wait outside for the results.

    Finally there was 224 selections and each got there Offer letters there only.

    Hope you all get into this as i was helped very much by the previous question records from Freshers World.

    Hope to see u all there.

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