Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   TRUBA College-bhopal-2 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   TRUBA College-bhopal-2 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hii friends...firstafall i would like to thank for helping me in going through the previous papers.The accenture campus placement drive was held in truba college on 2/3/4 of july.About 2700 students had given the paper.They divided all the students into 3 batches.i belong to the first one.

    Guys try to be in the first batch.coz maximum selections are from the first batch only .from my batch about 60-70 students were selected and i was one of them ...

    the procedure is divided in 4 parts

    1)written paper 55 questions in 60 mins

    2)GD of about 10-15 mins


    4)TI (remember hr and ti round is in random manner)    


    Written paper:3

    sections maths-english-reasoning

    In mathematics, questions were mainly from venn diagram and the remaining questions u can do over there only..u dnt need to prepare for those question

    In english,2 things were difficult... first one is passages and second is three vocab i kept mobile dictionary for vocab and marked the answers as soon as i got the paper.i was not good wid passages and my friend was not good wid mathematics so i marked the answers of mathematics in my paper and my frnd marked the answers of passages and we exchanged the question paper and we both were selected

    reasoning are very easy


    GD round

    most of the people are afraid of GD.Many of my frnds didnt came to truba college because of GD .but trust me guys,this is nt the difficult gd as compared to other GD' everyone was allowed to speak..even if u didn't speak in the whole GD..HR will make u speak at the end ...and if u speak wel,ull b this GD even if u speak one sentence properly, they'll select u ...

    my topic was "sportsman should take part in endorsement  or not" my group out of 12 students,8 were selected...and the one who spoke a lot was rejected ..

    these two were elimination rounds


    now cumes the selection round ie TI and HR round...



    guys for HR round u only need to prepare ur hobbies well..and little things about accenture

    here they are only looking for good communication skills and confidence

    questions were like

    about yourself

    wht r ur strength

    wht r ur hobbies

    very easy questions


    TI round:

     u need to prepare basic of any one or two TI round was of 10mins ..


    HR:hello rishi, please sit dwn

    Me: hello sir,thank u

    HR:how was ur day

    Me: it was gud sir

    HR: So how many company's visited ur college

    Me: TCS infosys ...but fortunately unfortunately i was rejected

    HR: why fortunate?

    Me: coz i want to be in accenture

    HR started laughing

    HR: soo tell me y accenture?

    me:one of the biggest multinational company...nice working atmosphere

    HR:nice working do u noe that ??

    Me:one of my cousin is working in accenture

    HR: ok.. so tell me which language u r good wid it


    HR:so tell me the difference between C and C++

    Me: told

    (i said one point C++ follows bottom up approach and C is top dwn approach)

    HR:why C++ is bottom up and C is top down

    Me:i said it but i was not up to the mark

    HR: can u write any sorting for me

    Me: sure sir..did it

    HR:so tell me rishi ..which sort did u find the most difficult one

    Me:sir i dint remember the name ...but i can explain about the sort...i told was quick sort

    HR:which part of C++ did u find the most difficult in programming

    Me: sir i m good wid class,filing,structures...i found out inheritance,pointers and graphics to be the difficult ones

    HR: ok was nice meeting u ..wait outside for ur results

    Me:thank u sir


    finally the result came out .my friend and i both were selected...guys if u r not confident or becomes nervous at the time of try to put some reference in your resume ...and then they will definately select u..but reference comes in to play only if u clear the written paper and GD 


    best of luck friends and see u in accenture


    Hitkarini COllege of engineering and technology



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