Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Bhoj Reddy Eng College,Hyd-14 Mar 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Bhoj Reddy Eng College,Hyd-14 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai friends..


      We had ACCENTURE off campus drive held at our college where around 1600 students from 10 different colleges like VNR,BRECW,CVRH,CVSR,NIT Warangal??had attented the drive.Among 1600 students he has recruited around 60 students(I guess.I don?t know the exact count)




    We had ?Written test followed by



                    Technical HR

    Written test:


        1)Verbal ? This section is very easy if u r good at your basic grammar



                          Some meanings-3m



        2)Analytical-Many que from Venn diagrams

                              Few que on Blood relations.

                              5 que on Data Sufficiency

                              A simple puzzle


       3) Reasoning- I feel this section is very  simple just go through few previous papers.

                * replaced with -, + replaced with *.some ques like that.(do calculations fastly)

                 Some que on eligibility criteria(go through R.S.Agarwal once for this section..quite simple)




      My GD topic was ?Should students to go to abroad and study?.

          (Show what u r in this round I mean expose all your leadership qualities which is very IMP in a GD)



       My HR was very short and sweet.


      He said? Hello pravallika?Iam ?..


      1)Can you tell me the career objective written in your CV.


      2)Why EEE ?(non IT students prepare well for this que..he should satisfy with what you are telling)


      3)Your biggest Achievement in life so far?


      4) What do u regret for most in your life so far?


      5)Why womens college? (I mentioned it in my essay




     My HR went around 20-25 min.He asked me almost all our subjects like C, DBMS, FMHM,Control systems,Machines,MEFA,Management science?what not ?

    Thank god..he couldn?t remember subjects in my Intermediate & X class?J

    But all are basics ques u need not worry a lot?. J


       He started with ok pravallika

    1)      Tell me about yourself ( this que is v.imp to let him know what you are?show him that you have a good sense of humour?for eg: I told him..My hobbies are playing Violin..but generally people get irritated when I start playing violin.. J he smiled at me )

    2)      Some que on the subjects which I have mentioned above.

                    I couldn?t answer 3-5 ques he asked me. (bcoz I couldn?t remember). But I could justify myself  very very confidently that ?Sir if I brush through those concepts once I could definitely answer all these que?(which I couldn?t answer).? I think he s very much impressed with my confidence only.




    *Show him that you are very confident in each & every round.

    * Be tention free (v.v.imp)


     Eventhough you are not placed in the companies which you have attended before never never get disheartened pl pl?.. (as I did)


      ? Believe some where some better option is waiting for you?.


       Work hard it never fails?(it worked on me)


    Finally believe in God & yourself.


    See you all in Accenture frns


     Thank you.





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