Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   anand Institute , Chennai. (TNSLPP)-3 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   anand Institute , Chennai. (TNSLPP)-3 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    halo dear aspirants for accenture,
    I did my engineering in a tier 2 college of anna university.
    the TNSLPP conducted this accenture placement drive in anand institute chennai.

    The procedure had 4 rounds , 1) aptitude 2)GD 3) tech hr 4) personal hr ( imp : 3&4 may be in any order.)

    1) APTITUDE :

    this section had 55 questions to be answered in 60 minutes.
    this section had more weightage to verbal and non verbal.
    only around 20 question were from maths.
    For getting through this round please do refer the previous qn papers.
    have a clear plan before entering into the apts hall, either to touch maths first or english first.
    [[ Apts will be easy , but mind tht it remains easy to all,  so be cautious n try to do the most u can. ]]
    2) GD :

    This is the most hectic round.
    Around 15 people will be grouped in a batch.
    They will be given topics and ten minutes to discuss and 30 secs to prepare.
    Be very cautious in listening the start bell. At once u listen it you start the discussion.
    Here apart from general rules of GD some other fields or mandatory.
    ( english, thought process, don engage yourself in quarrels, confidence and sticking to point )
    around 4-7 may get through from GD ,
    but their is chances for more if GD went good.

    3) Tech hr :

    I am from ECE branch, and i have told my area of interest as digtl elec.
    Eventhough if you are from ece , you have to be prepared with any language.
    they don mean your dept and they will ask some from S/W .
    but be confident enough and dont stammer and use fillers while you speak
    (they access your fluency, confidence, some what tech)
    my question were
    . classes and objects
    . polymorphism with a innovative example
    . inner classes and importance , synchronisation
    . abstract class, hast table etcc .. ( god , i had no qns from my branch , even i managed to answer )
    some qns will be like why IT when ur frm ece.
    year gaps in academics.
    if yours is a stress test then you will be asked ,
    why dint u get placed yett ??
    and some worse qn test your patience ??
    will be asked be prepared to answer.
    very important thing is Your final year prooject, be very confident in explaining your project
    and make him pleased ...

    4) Hr :

    hi frenz, you are almost through if you are here.
    But the english is very mandatory.( same as above, no fillers , stammers , mti mother toungue inflnce )
    they dont need accent so do try to deliver it n run short of words.
    . about yourself
    . wat u wud do in free time
    . wat kinda books you prefer
    . any certifications
    . long term short term goal, achievements .. aim
    . are you willing to be relocated ( if you are asked this qn take a long breath n tell yourself buddy you are IN :) )
    plz say yes yes to the then following qns with smile ..

    then selectd were asked to wait in auditorium for results.
    director was giving his speech in audi.
    people sitting in the audi were dazed that there wud b further shortlist.
    at that time the director Tnslpp told all the people b4 me are employed. :) .
    oh my godddd ..

    ratio :
    app : 3192
    to gd : 806
    to tech/hr : 435
    selected : 269

    percentage is around 8.5% selection ,,
    thanks to the sample paper in this website ,, which helped me a lot ,,
    hope this exp will help you ..

    tc aspirants.
    c u soon ..

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