Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -9 Nov 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -9 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,  I?am  abinaya who got selected in ACCENTURE  by the grace & blessings of GOD THE GREAT.i would like to discuss my experience with u all.this
    an off campus interview.Iam an ECE student Abt  1500 attend the apt exam ,290 selected for GD. 225 selected for tech &many r thrown out from hr itself. 
    ·Aptitude exam
     In accenture pass thr the apt is very simple .55 ques in 60 minitues. & 5mins essay .be careful in writing the essay ,don?t make spelling &grammer mistakes. In
    ·blood relation problem
    ·articles &prepositions
    ·* assign as +,+ assign as % such ques
    ·number series
    ·coding &decoding
    ·letter series
    ·venn diagram
    · % prms&probability

    prepare from the R.S.AGARWAL  --VERBAL & NON-VER essay topics àmy college life ,tour with friends ,with family like simple topics.


    Speak some thing u think abt the topic.hope u be the initiative 2 ur group.
    I initiated as end is not a complete end its just a break.many start&end r there in our life for eg: in programs we are using the endmodule its just to verify the function is correct or not &not an end ,it?s a break but we r continuing the pgm to a lot of applications.
    Be sure that ur involved in the group,say some comments related to others point like ?yes its right, exactly right?etc
    Coeducation ,mobile ,dresscode,indias development etc


    They split the total stu  into 2 groups Myself for HR&others for tech. my hr was an interesting person .i just enjoy the talk with him. U must turn the hr to ur side by ur first step itself.i just ask him ?may I come in sir? with a smile

    Hr:yes sure come in{from his face I can read that he is impressed by me bcoz nobody in my panel ask the permission}
    Hr:say me abt ueself
    Me:say all the things that u think the hr want to know abt u.
    Hr:what u think abt the leader ship quality{I?am the class representative&committee member}
    Me:class rep till now & I think that iam trustworthy to them
    Hr :do u have exp 2 work with a team
    Me:yes sir many exp
    Hr :can u say 1
    Me:we inaugurate the first year stu by providing them a pen & the are very happy to join with us &feel friendly with us.
    Hr :what r the qualities of team leader
    Me:team lea should not show superiority to the mentality of all the members ,provide the job according there interest so when we combine their     work the team goal is achived.they feel free 2 ask the doughts
    Hr:say top most 3 it companies
    Me:tcs ,wipro,infosys
    Hr:explain ur paper presented
    Me:explain neatly
    Hr:explain mini project
    Me:explain neatly
    Hr:do u have any more offer letter
    Me:got in ?sure soft system pvt ltd?in pondicheery
    Hr:why should u come here
    Me:they ask 3 years bond &not allow as to study more but accenture is providing the same to it workers,according me we must study a lot to implement new innovative ideas
    Hr:do u relocate r work only in Bangalore
    Me:what ever the place I would like to work in accenture
    Hr:ok u can go now

    {I was prayed to god to get selected bcoz after my gd at 10:00am iam waited till 7:30pm .iam alone from my college to be passed in aptitude& till hr}they told me to wait for tech iam very thankful to god


    T:take ur seat
    Me :wish him& say thank u sir
    T:say me abt ueself
    Me:told{my aim to be a social worker,he is very interested 2 here this &ask me say that I had done}
    T:my area of interest &ask qns
    Me :communication{both analog&digital}
    T :sak the application of many systemslike Bluetooth,cell phone tower is a txing or rxing antenna,fm,am,digital comm. Sys,electron devices ckt like clipper,clamper,rectifier ckt,qns on networks, tcp&udp appl,why antenna is rod &not flatetc
    Me:explain all the ans{prepare well from our subject before going to tech}
    T :any questions pls
    Me:what r the extra courses I want 2 do 2have a good carrer in accenture
    T :nothing just u know ur c&c++ languages
    I had completed my tech at 7:45pm,&waiting for result till 9:30pm.iam very happy that I got placed.god show his power &grace to me .iam very thankful to him. Friends just do ur duty well with out cheating others &pray to god he will show u the way.



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