Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Truba Institute Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Truba Institute Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Every one.

    This is Sourabh jain From Truba Institute Bhopal.

    Accenture came to Bhopal on 2-3 July 2010 .There are around 6000 participants apper from different college of M. P. and they picked up 224 students.
    They conduct four round for the selection.
    1) Written paper 55 questions in 60 mins + An Essay of 5 mins time of 5 marks
    2) GD of about 10-15 mins
    3) Technical Interview
    4) HR

    Try to  To avoid passage to do first deal with QA and Maths it will help you to crack the written exam which is the main selection criteria if you clear written thier is 50% surety you are in Accenture. There were 40 students seated in each room and about 4-5 were selected from each room (Some rooms had only 2 selected too).

    So this is the main round you should try to go through.


    GD round:

    Guys just Relex when you are in GD don't take tension Try to put your 3-4 entries in discussion with strong points definitely you will selected. Once you are in there you will enjoy the moments.
    Don't hesitate to give your points, but remember never to interrupt in between when any of your colleague  is speaking. Try to be a good Listener too, that helps you very much. You will be sitting in a bunch of 15 and in most of the cases 7-8 will be selected or even more.

    The topic was 
    Bhopal Gas Tragedy 

    Technical Interview Round:

    Guys one thing you remember you Have to be give your best so don't be nervous and be confident on yourself. This was  memorable round for me.

    HR: Well, Sourabh introduce your self?
    Me: I introduce myself including about my Strengths 
    HR: Explain Polymorphism with real world example.
    Me: I Explain Both types with a good example of Banking System with different loan rates. 
    HR: OK, What challenge you face in your project.

    Me: I answered very well(always give answer with resion).

    HR: What is inheritance and why we do it?
    Me: I answered.
    HR: Then he asked different mode(Private, Public, Protected).
    Me: I clerify them with examples.
    HR: How you do connection with back end(DataBase)
    Me: I replied and write the connection string on paper.
    HR: Do you have Knowledge of Java.
    Me: No sir.
    HR: Then he asked me some more concept of OOPs(Message passing, data hiding, class,object)
    Me: i answer them.
    HR:  OK, tell me about your project and all modules.
    Me: I gave him the description of my project including modules( Guys made your project yourself).


    He asked me all sorts of things about my Projects, my role, my team, working of the project.  I think he was quite satisfied by my replies.


    Then he asked me to wait outside for the results.

    Finally I was selected in the Technical Interview round.

    HR round:

    (Guys be cum and cool in this round don't be nurvious it will degrade your performance)

    It was very liberal round for us as we were quite confident till now. HR is a girl

    she start firing series of questions like

    1) Tell me something about yourself?

    2) Tell me something about your Family?

    3) Tell me why you want to join Accenture what is your growth in Accenture?

    4) Tell me the field in which Accenture working?
    5) Are you willing to relocate to any other location?
    6) Are you willing to sign bond for 1 year?
    7) Then he asked me to wait outside for the results.

    Finally there was 224 selections and each got there Offer letters there only.

    Hope you all get into this as i was helped very much by the previous question records from Freshersworld. com.Hope to see you all there. This is my email Id if you have any queries drop me a mail i will resolve it as early as


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