Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   S.R.K.R.Engg College, Bhimavaram-29 Jun 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   S.R.K.R.Engg College, Bhimavaram-29 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai Friends, This is Sathish from S.R.K.R.Engg college,Bhimavaram. I am doing my final yr ECE. I recently got recruited into Accenture.Here i want to sum up my recuitment experience so that it myt b useful for u when u attempt for Acceture.

    Written Test:-
    Accenture written test pattern was very easy. It has three parts. Verbal,Quantitative ability n Ability to identify tests. All three vre very very easy. In first two sections u find 20 ques each, and in last sec 15 Ques. Attempt last section first. Its very easy n u can do it in 10 min. Then go to verbal n then to quant. Make sure that u r very quick in answering. Accenture written test checks your pace n accuracy rather than ur knowledge. No preparation is required at all. A little bit of common sense n thinking can make u qualify in written test.U get 55 min for 55 bits n all are dead easy. do RCs last n better u do not attempt $* sums which are tedious n timetaking.Attempt them wen u hav some time left at the end. After 55min u will be given a topic n u hav to write an essay of some100words on that topic. our topic was "My college Life". It myt not get evaluated in written but in hr intv u myt expect some ques on the essay u wrote.

    Group Discussion:-
    This is one of the important stages for elimination in Accenture Recruitments. Make sure that u r cool n dont show any marks of frustation even if the GD gets hot. Make sure that u r audible to moderator and u give chance to everyone to speak in ur gd. U can easily get thru this stage.

    HR n Tech Interviews:-
    For us this is the elimination round. After gd approx 500 students are screened from apprx 3500 students. But only 70 got selected in toto to Accenture. So approxtly 90% of eliminations was done in HR and Technical interviews.In HR interview, he asked my hobbies, abt my %,Why IT sort of simple questions. They wer really easy to answr. A good deal of Comm. skill and a bit of smile on your face can get the things done for you.Its easy but make sure that u r confident. After all if u r not confident on your capabilities, how can HR be? So make sure that u dont loose your hope

    My Technical interveiw also went very well. He didnt ask me any technical ques luckily. But for my frns he asked ques on C,C++, Java, Microprocessor ,Machines, Networks, EDC so on. All r basics. If u r a non-IT students,concentrate on ur core. and u will get selected easily.

    All the best to all of you...... n I ll b waiting for u there in Accenture. Bye........

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