Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sphoorthy Engineering College Hyderabad.-28 Jun 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sphoorthy Engineering College Hyderabad.-28 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is B.Ravinder M.C.A from Aurora ?s Engineering College, Hyderabad.

    I  attended  the campus recruitment drive conducted by Accenture due to large crowd it took 3days 18th ,19th&20 th of June 2010 at Sphoorthy Engineering College Hyderabad ..


    Test was conducted by MERIT TRACK
    There were more than 4000 thousand students took part in it. Totally 3 Batches each of 1500 students. Separate question paper for  each batch.. The Pattern was same.


    Selection Procedure:
    Aptitude Round

    There were 3 parts in the paper:

    1)English 2)Quatitative Aptitude 3) Logical Reasoning.
    Total 55 questions were there & the time was 1 hr.
    The English portion comprised 3 meanings, 3 prepositions,2 passages  4 articles like

    1)______ Mr.Roy went to hospital

        a) a b)an c) the d) no article


    2)It was ____ unanimous issue.

       a)a  b)an c)the d)no article



    1)Regale meaning: Entertainment


    Two passages were given along with 5 question for each of them.
    The passages are

    1)IPC (Inter Process Communication)

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    2)Pattern Matching (What is pattern matching , types , applications etc)


    Another batch got passage on  RAID (Technical passage)


    Guys attempt Passages after completion of all sections.


    Read first 3 lines of passage and get an idea what is d topic then

    Read  questions  den passage
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    2)Quatitative Aptitude 3) Logical Reasoning consist of   

       a)Ranking problems

       b)DataSufficiency problems(10)

    c)Reasoning passage like x teaches hindi y teaches English on some days etc with 5  questions

    d)replacing  $ is 1 and * is 0 thn avg(16,18,32)(5-q based on this)

    e)some pattern was given we have to see whether all are alike or 2 of hem alike or none 5Questions


    Take care of Time

    Next we have to write an essay on a topic.
    Minimum word limit was 100...
    Our topic was "Education System In India"
    Time was just 5 minutes. Careful on grammar mistakes use simple English.


    In another 30 min they gave us the results of the test and all shortlisted were called in for the group discussion
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    Second round:

    GD round

    Our topic was "Reality Shows should be banned or not".


    Just try to take initiative if not den speak atleast 2 to 3 points its enough.

    Give chance to others also don?t interrupt them while they are speaking..
    Out of  15 he selected 10 members.


    Technical Interview.. There were total 7 technical panels..

    Many things were asked...

    HR:hello ravinder, please sit down

    Me: hello sir,thank u

    The person taking the interview was very friendly and warm


    HR-   Can u quickly tell me about u r project. ( very IMP it was asked by every panel)


    ME- Sure sir, explained main aim of the project , how it is different to exixting one etc.

            I told my project was little bit similar to UID (Unique Identification number which is initiated by govt of India) then he showed very interest on my project infact he was impressed with my project.


    HR: What are the technologies u used in u r project.

        How did u  design u r project?Database Tables etc


    ME: I told that I have used JAVA(Jsp, Servlets and oracle as data base)


    HR: How did u connect database (oracle)

    ME: I told by using JDBC drivers etc..


    HR: Then suddenly he asked How do u connect DataBase using C.

    |ME:I told that I don?t know that but I told that mostly in C we use

    Files Concept for storing any data.


    HR:Then he asked about files.

    ME: I told how to open file in which mode what are the actions to be performed and finally closing file etc.


    HR:What is Normalization in DBMS(Normal forms)

    What is Refferntial Integrity.

    What is Indexing.

    ME: Told


    HR:then he came to C++ asked about oops concepts, virtual function

    What is Copy Constructor.


    ME: Explained


    HR: Ok Ravi do u have any questions

    ME: No sir

    He was quite satisfied with my answers  and then he asked me to wait outside for the results.


    Onething which I liked about recruitment process of Accenture is they will tell the result there only after 3to 4 minutes for every candidate for each round.

    But those minutes will be horrible for us.


    One person came and told me that I have cleared my technical and informed me to come next day for my H.R round



    Fourth Round:

    HR Interview:

    guys remember there were some eliminations in this round also.


    ME: Hello sir

    HR:Hello Mr.Ravi I think it?s a long wait for u (we came in the morning but interview took place evening)


    ME: No problem sir


    HR:Can u tell me something about u r self.

    ME:told?   when I was telling about my M.C.A he asked tell me about u r college life


    HR: What are u r hobbies.

            Why do u want to join Accenture.

            Are you willing to relocate to any other location?

            Are you willing to sign bond for 1 yr?

    Then he asked me to wait outside for the results.


    Finally after a few minutes one person came and told me that welcome to Accenture.

    After listening to his words I was over the moon(extremely happy)

    They have given offer letter on that day.

    After one month  they gave joining date and location. My joining date is 27/08/2010

    ,Hyderabad. Others got Chennai,Mumbai,Pune,Banglore


    One thing, I'd suggest about the interviews is that be truthful ,honest and frank. DO NOT bluff or try to be something which you aren't.


    all the best to all u guys and hope to meet ull soon in Accenture.

    Thanks to Freshersworld for providing all things




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