Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT College Of Eng, Bangalore-17 Aug 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT College Of Eng, Bangalore-17 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


     This is Rekha, i had attended for Accenture on 17th August, which was conducted for 2010 batch freshers who had registered through 
    I would like to share my experience as i got through Accenture with the help of It was a 2 days procedure, on 1st day, only aptitude and GD was conducted, mine was 8 am batch.
    Aptitude consists of 55 questions, 60 mins
    There are 3 sections.
    1) Verbal
    2) Only analytical, this time no aptitude questions
    3) Attention to detail questions

    For group discusion we got "shoud agriculture must be encourged as a part of carrer among the 2days generation" the key in group discusion is communciation skills, and group dynamics. I never got a chance to speak, but at last given me a chance, i grabbed this oportunity and sumarized everything what others said, and gave myself a valid point which was unique from others, even if you don't get a chance to speak, they vl give you and at the same time, they watch your body language whether your listening to others and don't interrupt others and don't fight. The person who conducted GD was cool. Out of  15 members, selected only 7 of them. They were giving topics in such a way that it was not repeated for other group people.

    On the next day,
    I had technical interview at 11:30 after waiting from 8 am.
    The technical questions asked were
    What is RDBMS? Give an example and explain, what exactly it is.
    hat are oops concepts?
    Difference between polymorphism and inheritance?
    About project?
    And asked what kind of job you are looking for?
    After technical interview.
    They were asked us to sit in a room, they never said that we were selected or not, but they were calling out names out which very weren't aware whether they were calling for selection or rejection which was the real frustration for us but however  after a long wait of 4 hours for HR interview, they scheduled for us. HR interview was very cool they asked only general questions like about your family, hobbies, extra cocurricular activities (was quite impressed with my tech as wel  as hr interview) but even after HR, they were rejecting 1 or 2 students, this made us even more tensd.
    Finally they started giving offer leters at last, mine was 3rd slot in batch 1. So it got late, and they gave at 8:45 pm. Finally i was revealed only after they called my name 1 after other to give offer letters to us. I'm really happy to get into this company after a much long wait.
    I had failed in almost many companies but never lost my hope. So 1 thing i learnt is, eventhough if you have failed, keep moving don't stop until you get, definitely your hardwork will be rewarded someday which happend to me.

    All the best.
    Have faith in God.

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