Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RCCIIT, Kolkata-21 Nov 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RCCIIT, Kolkata-21 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am Siddhartha from Seacom Engineering College, Howrah. I cleared Accentre on 21st November 2010 held at RCC-IIT Kolkata. Don?t think that only the students from reputed college can make it through, because I can guarantee that 99% of you didn?t ever heard about my college. So if you have the abilities, if you can clear the aptitude, if you can impress the interviewer you can make it through. Just be cool always.

    1st  Round (Aptitude)

    This round consists of aptitude test and writing skill (though I don?t know they have ever read the paragraph or not). In aptitude section there will be 55 questions and for that you will get 55 mins. The questions are just like normal aptitude question (verbal, non verbal, reasoning etc) and the paragraph tropic was ?Technical education in India?. We got 5 mins for writing the paragraph. It was not so tough to clear the 1st round but I saw maximum students were eliminated in that round. We were selected for G.D. round.

    2nd Round (GD)

    This was most easy round. Each group contained 16 students. At first the coordinator came and said what he wanted. He said ?I will not  see how fluent you are, I will see if you have the basic grammar sense or not? can you form a sentence properly or not? and the most importantly are you capable to represent yourself in a corporate G.D. or not? ?our G.D. topic was ? Cricket should be our national game or we should strict to Hockey?. At the end he gave chance to those who weren?t able to participate in the discussion because of others. Total 9 students were selected from 16 and the boy who made most of the noise, most of the interruption were cut out. Next round was Technical round.

    3rd Round (TI)

    I will say everyone that before this round please pray to your God once. Luck factor is the main factor here. To which panel you have to give the interview, how the interviewer will be, which types of questions he/she will ask that is totally unpredictable. There was a rejection panel also. I hadn?t seen anyone cleared that panel for long 2 hours. But fortunately my interviewer was very good. Though he also rejected many students but as a person he was just amazing. I hadn?t seen any interviewer like him. He was so much cool, calm and very much interactive. After some time I forgot if I was in a technical interview or in an internal viva.

    Me: May I come in sir?
    TI: O yaa. please come and sit

    Me: Thank you sir
    (After writing something on my profile),
    TI: So Siddhartha, tell me about yourself

    Me: Hello sir, I am Siddhartha.
    (He was so interactive that anyone can forget if it was an interview or not. In between my intro, after hearing my achievement, he raised his hand to congratulate me)

    TI: So you are a student of ECE. Then tell me what is the different between communication and telecommunication?
    Me: Told
    (He was impressed by my answer)

    TI: Ok tell me about polymorphism, inheritance.
    Me: Sir I think it is from C++. I don?t know it.

    TI: Ok do you know C?
    Me: Yes sir

    TI: Ok do you know what is stdio.h
    Me: (Told everything about header files and also described them. (eg. Stdio.h, conio.h, math.h)

    If possible tell maximum about the question what interviewer asked, it will be helpful)
    TI: Good
    Me: Thank you sir

    TI: Can you write the syntax of do while
    Me: (Wrote and described and also told the different between while and do while Interviewer was impressed and smiled.)

    TI: Do you know what is palindrome?
    Me: (I heisted little bit)

    TI: (He gave me a look that he was shocked) this is palindrome (described ) can you write its program?
    Me: Yes sir. Actually I forgot the term ?palindrome?.

    TI: Any other program what you can write?
    Me: Anything like factorial, Fibonacci, recursion etc.

    TI: Ok can you write the program of Fibonacci series? If you can, you are selected else rejected.
    Me: Ya I can

    TI: Ok write it.
    Me: (I started to write the program. In between writing he asked me simple HR questions in my mother tongue Bengali. Though I don?t know the reason but I replied in English)                                                          

    TI: Do you have any sister or brother?
    Me: No sir,

    TI: So you are the only son?
    Me: Yes sir.

    TI: So your parents are very much tensed?
    Me: Yes sir.

    TI: OK I am forwarding your profile to HR. Give a good interview there.
    Me: Thank you sir.

    TI: Welcome  (Smiled) I want to see you in Accenture
    (Then he put his hand on my shoulder and I think it was enough for an interviewee isn?t it?)
    Me: Thank you sir 

    Again I am repeating, it was my good luck that I got an interviewer like him. It made me so easy when he was so much interactive. I don?t know why the last 5 mins of my interview he interacted with me in Bengali. But it is fact that this interview gave me big confidence.

    4th Round (HR)

    It was the 4th and final round. It was not very tough for me but so many students were cut from this round .The person who took our GD was HR interviewer for me. When the volunteer brought me to him he smiled at me in return I also smiled.

    Me: How are you sir ?
    HR: (smiled) I?m Fine. sit

    Me: Thank you, Sir
    HR: (After seeing my CV) So Siddhartha, tell me about yourself, your area of interest, your objective briefly.

    Me: (Told)
    HR: Ok now tell me about your project, how you have done it, what was your role and what problems you faced?               

    Me: (I started to describe my project)
    Int: No, No. I don?t want to know the technical part. Tell me about other facts.

    Me: (told)
    Int: Why Accenture? why not** or** or others ?

    Me: Accenture is a global company and it is in the Fortune 500 company list. I didn?t find *** or *** in fortune 500 list so I want to join Accenture, because I know I will get the quality training here which will help me to enhance my technical skills and my career in future.

    HR: Have you seen our website? what do you know about us?
    Me: Sorry sir, I didn?t see website

    HR: So you are coming for an interview but you didn?t have 30 mins to see the website?
    Me: Sorry sir, It was my mistake. I am really sorry for that

    HR: So how do you know about us?
    Me: Sir, I have heard about Accenture from my seniors and also I have seen advertisement in TV, from there I have come to know about the company. It is a big MNC which will give me the platform to start my career.

    HR: Ok good. Do you have any problem if we check your results, you family background?
    Me: No sir

    HR: Any joining preference? give me 3 location
    Me: 1st Kolkata, 2nd Bangalore, 3rd anywhere

    HR: Do you have any relocation problem?
    Me: No sir

    HR: Any problem about shifting? night shift?
    Me: No sir

    HR: Do you have any valid offer letter?
    Me: No sir.

    HR: (Smiled & extended his hand) Ok Siddhartha. Best of luck.
    Me: Thank you sir.

    In last 5 ? 6 questions interviewer was marking some checkboxes in the form which was attached with my CV. Whenever HR started, that I was sure that I got selected and I was right because after 5 mins one of the volunteers came to me and told that I was selected. I was so happy. He told me to collect my offer letter from a room at 2nd floor. After 1 hour they gave us our offer letter. It was beautiful because the name Accenture made the letter more beautiful and made me believe that now I am a part of Accenture.

    Now a small tips be smart, be cool and calm, be confident about what you are saying, don?t panic about the English because they will only see if you have the basic grammar knowledge or not and last but not the least always be honest. If it helps any of my friends at to get selected in Accenture I will get pleased. If you have any queries about the interview you can contact with me at my mail id So everyone get ready to give your high performance. See you at Accenture. High performance delivered.

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