Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PSNA Engg College, Dindugal-22 Oct 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PSNA Engg College, Dindugal-22 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I'm Yazhini from KLN college of Engg. I attended Accenture off-campus at PSNA Engg college, Dindugal on 22nd Oct, 2010. Some 18 colleges from south zone attended the placement programme among that some 40-50 people finally got selected and i'm happy that my 1 among them. Let me share my experience with you.

    Aptitude Test:

    Aptitude is very simple compared 2 others comps. Merit trac conducted the test Merit trac pattern will be very standard but simple you just need 2 be cool and relaxed also check the time. Its very important. All together you'll have some 55 questions and the time given is 1 hour aptitude patterns include verbal, analytical and reasoning. They contain syllogism, jumble sentence coding & decoding. Figure series, Venn diagram then preposition, articles then some questions with symbols * / +. Assigning different meanings for them. After this they gave a topic for essay and the time given was 5 mins. The topic was 'Is e-learning a substitute to classroom learning?' They didn't ask about this essay anywhere later but some times they may ask about it in HR.
    Firends, just do the aptitude without any motivation you just need to be cool and keep your mind free 2 do it perfectly because everything is known 2 you. Their is nothing new in that. But once you have cleared aptitude be stong that you should not leave home without offer letter.
    After some 2-3 hrs, the result was announced and i was one among them.

    Group discussion:
    GD is also an elimination round but only 2-3 persons were eliminated from a batch containing 10 members. The HR asked us 2 discuss some topic among us and choose 1 the topic for our batch is 'which is best, Indian education system or foreign education system?' some people were asked 2 talk for Indian and others for foreign, so be prepared with anything. Try 2 initiase the good. But this alone will not help. The things you need 2 give some meaningful points and show your capability that how well you utilise the chance given 2 you be polite and smart show the confidence and attitude in your face. Listen 2 others and express yourself gently.
    After few mins good result was announced and I got cleared the round too.

    HR round:
    The next round is supposed to be technical but since the technical persons are not available that day we had HR round first. The HR was a lady and the session went fyn. It contained the same old stuffs like tell about yourself tell about your city project describe yourself. blah..blah.
    Also be prepared with 'Why Accenture? Why should i hire you? short term goal? long term goal? These are the standard questions and always be prepared for it.
    They'll ask you whether you can work any where in India just say 'yes' with a spirit then the most important thing is your communication  speak simple english neatly without any mistakes speak clearly  with a smile in your face. Show your confidence at every point but never be over confident.

    After this they will ask you 3 preferences for your job location. Once they ask you this you can have hope that you are gang 2 the next round.
    After I came out. They said that i had cleared that round and asked me 2 cum the next day 4 the technical round.

    Before gang 2 the technical round be prepared with the basic concepts of C, C++. This is mandatory 4 all branch students apart from this if you have done any courses be prepared in that then your project in C frequent questions asked are pointer, structure, union and some simple programs in C++ be clear with the ops concepts. Learn the simple definitions 4 each with a real time example.

    Before the day of interview don forget 2 brush up the basic concepts I just want 2 thank my brothers who prepared me well for the interview the previous day.

    Always tell the answers confidently and be strong in that don blabber, they don check whether you know everything. They just C whether you are capable of learning anything and grasp the concepts easily.

    Finally I cleard the tech round also and after some hours the result was announced and fortunately my one among that who got selected was really happy because I have attended  almost all top MNCs. TCS(2 times), CTS (2times), Aricent (2times), Infosys, Ibm, Inautix, Oracle and HCL.

    Hexaware, Virtusa, Accenture (1 time) and many other small companies that cum around some 40-50 . Finally managed 2 get Accenture in the 2nd attempt.

    So friends, always be confident never lose hope, never believe in luck. Because luck favours only who don believe in that.

    All the best!

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