Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PCCOE, Pune (Pool Campus)-24 Sep 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PCCOE, Pune (Pool Campus)-24 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Job Aspirants,
    This is regarding the selection procedure and also some tips which i suppose worth mentioning when approaching Accenture recruitment drive.

    Date: 24-Sept-2010 8.00 Am
    Venue: PCCOE, Pune

    It was a pool campus held by Accenture for 2010 pass outs.
    It was partnered with, Merittrac (sets the paper).

    Eligibility: 55% Aggregate (Maharashtra State Univ.)
                  60% Aggregate ( Others)
    More than 2500 students came but only the students who registered themselves at were allowed to sit for the test.

    PCCOE managed such a huge crowd the best they can. Slots were made according to the colleges.

    Selection Procedure

    1) General Test
    2) Group Discussion
    3) Technical Interview
    4) HR Interview.

    I have purposely written General test because there were hardly 4-5 quantitative questions. Others sections were English, logical, analytical and one was "lets test your attention" English had paragraphs which were technical paragraphs (viz. SQL Server).

    After the test you are given only 5 minutes to write on a topic (like education system in India). If you have cracked atleast one aptitude test of any MNC you will be able to get through Accenture Test. Best thing about Accenture is that they declare the results within an hours time.

    GD is just an elimination round, 15 students in each group.
    Some common topics were "Should cricket be converted into national game?", "Men or Women-who are great leaders?"
    Here just show that you have ideas and make sure that you open up your thoughts at least ones and never never interrupt others while speaking. And you will get through GD .

    Key: Pehle hi poore group me decide kar lo that it is a team effort (you all coordinate and speak). In our group 13/15 were selected.

    All shortlisted were asked to fill up an application  form of Accenture. Remember you will be asked all the xerox copies of all documents (viz. License, all four year marksheets,10,12 ), even Pan Card (if you have) xerox and 2 photos.

    Then we were asked to come next day same place at 8.00 am for interviews.

    Day 2 at 8.00 am

    Group of 10 students were send to Technical interview and 10 for HR . It was random process.
    I went for the HR first.
    HR: (eating snacks). Hello Nikhil, how are you?
    Me: Good morning Sir, i am fine Sir.
    HR: Ok where are you from?
    Me: Pune.
    HR: Is it Pune or Poona?
    Me: Sir, national language being Hindi it is called Poona but my mother tongue being marathi i prefer it as Pune.
    HR: Ok Great.
    HR: Tell me about yourself other than your resume, application form?
    Me: Answered.
    HR: Tell me something about your final year project?
    Me: Told.
    HR: Tell me some non-technical challenges you faced during the project?
    Me: Sir initially we were grp of 4 but one of my partner failed in his critical subject and got Year Down (YD) so we were now a group of 3.
    HR: So how you faced this problem?
    Me: More working hours, more hard work and team effort.
    HR: Ok nikhil what you know about Accenture , tell me something which even i dont know about accenture.
    Me: Sir, obviously you may be knowing Accenture much much better than me but the thing i know is Accenture bids very high on projects but still client prefers Accenture due to your motto of giving High performance.
    HR: Good one.
    HR: Tell me difference between Accenture/Infosys/Microsoft
    Me: Told (service based, product based)
    HR: So why not Infosys why accenture?
    Me: Told
    HR: Who is father of C?
    Me: told
    HR: C++?
    Me: Told
    HR: Are you flexible in any Technology & location?
    Me: Yes
    HR: Tell me your location preference
    Me: Told
    HR: Remarked me "very very good"
    Me: happy.
    As you all must have seen that the type of questions asked were not like other companies HR rounds, some of my friends were also asked some Technical ques like (gateways, routers, etc.)
    Result was told within five minutes.
    After a long long wait at 4.00 pm i was called for Technical interview.

    Interviewer: Please sit down.. ok tell me about yourself?
    Me: Told
    Interviewer: Tell me about your project
    Me: Told
    Interviewer: Ok tell me technology in which you did this project and why?
    Me: Told
    Interviewer: Ok,  What did you do after your exams or after your result?
    Me: (I knew accenture is more into finance so.) Sir i was not a lot comfortable in SQL so i learnt SQL and now you can see it is one of my competency skill.
    Interviewer: Great nikhil. good work
    Me : Thank you sir
    Interviewer: Ok tell me what is a primary and foreign key
    Me: Told almost the whole SQL (definition, constraints on it, applcations, evrything)
    Interviewer: wo wo woo wait last question can primary key have a zero value?
    Me: I smiled and said.
    Interviewer: Interrupted and said ok i know that you know the answer, thank you. I'm done.
    Me : Ohh thank you sir.. nice meeting you.

    Result was told in 5 minutes. And we were asked to wait in a class, i was happy i cleared both rounds but was not knowing whether am placed are not?
    After a long wait at 7.30 we were given offer letters. The HR explained each bit of it. It was a great experience. I was overwhelmed. Accenture is an awesome company, a global MNC and the procedure is also very simple.

    Approximately: 2000 students appeared
    Slot1 +Slot2 + Slot3 = 2000 appeared
    Slot1+Slot2+Slot3= 215 placed

    Thanks a lot to Paper was same as is posted by some other people. You all can refer those threads.

    I hope this thread will help you a bit in Accenture selection .
    Thank you.
    See you all at Accenture.

    You can write me at

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