Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Apr 2008

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey Friends  We r sakshi and jimmy we both gave the placement paper for Accenture on 19th April 2008 in on campus. Accenture came with a dream status in our college so everyone was allowed to give the test.
    Secondary we were both unplaced and lost the hope that we will get a job in third year. almost all student with us were placed. we have already appeared in more than 7 company can not recall the names even...
    so that day we just went with no hope but after giving the written which was after the ppt it was clear to us..

    written test was very easy. u need not do any preparation from any book. just go through the previous papers of this company that all...
    whole paper was exactly matching the previous paper and most imp no sets so u can solve it easily
    written test was cleared by almost every student 192 got selected.... for the gd
    we really feared gd. that was our first gd of our life but it was the most interesting part of placement everyone had to speak for 1 min on the TOPIC MOBILE SHOULD BE PROHIBITED IN COLLEGE OR NOT
    all the stud from our batch (12) we all got cleared, so don't worry be cool
    if u have cleared the gd then u r almost in accenture..

    55 question in 1 hr
    we completed it before time. no time management required.. almost everyone has got cleared.. and 10 min essay writing after that written it is useless no one reads it so don't worry. topic was LIFE IN ITM same topic every time
    1)articles very easy
    2)2 passage very easy(5 que in 1 psg)
    3)data sufficiency very easy(6 que)
    is p>q?
    4)sets based que(6) which we have studied in 11th & easy one
    15 people speaks hindi,30 speaks english,20 speaks both languages, how many speaks none of the languages.
    5)if $ represent 1, * represent 0,then find $****$ like this..
    do these que they r very easy( 6 que )
    6)if + rep /,- rep *,/ rep -,* rep +
    then find 2+4-6*3/8
    do these first (very easy)
    7)logical reasoning
    same passage 4m previous year)

    ok we hope our guidance will help u a little bit

    welcome to ACCENTURE...
    best of luck... byeee....

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