Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MITS, Gwalior-11 Dec 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MITS, Gwalior-11 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Everyone,

    Accenture came in our college on 11th of December as it was a close campus placement so there was no GD round.

    There were 3 rounds

    1) Written: 55 questions + 1 essay (Time limit: 65 minutes)
    2) Technical Interview
    3) HR Interview

    Both interviews can be in any order

    Questions = 55; Time limit = 60 minutes along with that an essay to write in the same sheet in another 10 minutes. No sectional cut off, no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test

    First section was English.

    Nmber of questions: 20
    Fill in the blanks on articles, prepositions, word meanings and two RCs with 5 questions each which were quite tough so please attempt those at last.

    Section 2: Analytical Ability
    No. of questions: 20
    Duration in minutes: 20

    Second section was of aptitude which had questions on quantitative and reasoning which was easy (only speed matters)

    After that there were 5 questions on finding out the odd one, like. HHMKKKJKNOII, HHMKKKJKNOII,  HHMKKKJKNOII  which were very easy.

    Remaining were questions on reasoning which were easy and scoring. Do attempt these.

    Result of written came after 2 hours. 35 students selected out of 280. I was one of the  selected stds.

    After that technical interview, which was tech cum HR.

    Interviewer asked me about myself, family background, strengths, weakness, hobbies, my ideal person. Some general questions like where you see yourself after 5 years. How would you assign a work to team of 5 members. What would you do if you get a work in which you are not interested at all.

    I told that i am hardworking then he asked me to prove it by an example.

    Technical questions were.

    * Diff b/w C, C++
    * Concept of OOPs
    * Inner join
    * Queries
    (I wrote DBMS as my favourite sub in my resume)

    After technical interview HR interview took place.

    HR asked me about my technical interview, how it went. then he said that your aptitude is very good. You did quite well in your written test. I asked what's my score then he said it's good but didn't tell me the score.

    Then he asked about OS that I studied in 5th sem nd didn't remember at all. But he asked me to tell only some topics of OS then i told him some of the topics then he asked about deadlock. I explained.

    Then he asked which place I would prefer. Why Accenture is there any problem in working in night shift name of other s/w companies in India that's all he asked.

    The one thing they check in both interviews is your communication skills.

    Finally 25 stds got selected and I was one of them all selected stds got their offer letters.

    All the best everyone for their future.

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