Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology, Delhi-31 Oct 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology, Delhi-31 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Guys,
    The selection procedure of Accenture is divided into 4 part

    1) Written test: In this 3 sections 
    a) English there are general question on Articles, passages. There are 2 passages. These passages are very easy and technology based. It has 20 question.
    b) This section is quantitative. It has 20 questions
    c) Logical reasoning: This is very easy questions are based on relationships etc. It has 15 questions.
    Total 55 questions and an essay is given to write. We have given the "Nature vs Technology"
    to write in 5 minutes.
    2) GD
    In this they formed the group of 15 students. The invigilator told us to select the topic on our own by discussion. But whole group didn't agree on same topic so invigilator told us to discuss on the same topic of essay "nature vs Technology". From my group 12 candidates clear the GD. In GD Don't make fish market. Even if you speak 1 sentence confidently and very well they will select you. This same happened with me.

    3) Technical Interview

    I am from ECE so interviewer asked me questions related to My branch.First he asked me to Draw the AND
    gate using NOR. Than Rs flip flop, jk flip flop, Counter, Microprocessor, Address lines and data bus, than he gave me an Op-amp Ckt to solve. It was very easy. Than gave me a program of C based on "static int" and what is the output of this. I told tht i don't know C but i have an idea from C++ so i told him on the basis of that. The interviewer was happy from me and told me that he was satisfied with my answers and i cleared the technical. Just Be confident and tell them what you know.

    4) HR

    For many students there they have HR round not more than 5 mints but i had around 15-20 minutes. In starting he asked abt my self like general HR questions. Than he started to ask question on my hobbies.Why you play these games specifically give me 3-3 points. Than he started to ask me about My project and sme electronics topics MUltivibrator, Oscillator. I surprised why he asking me these question in HR and i also don't know about them properly but however i told him somethinng. I think he wanted to put pressure on me. But i gave Answers confidently. Than he started to ask about relocation general questions. When i came out from the room I was tensed. After 5 mints a person came to me and told me that you are selected and with for Offer letter. I was very happy to hear that i thanked to god.

    From MAIT Delhi, around 117 students selected. They gave us offer letter on the same day.

    Guys don't disappoint if you did not select in any previous interview just keep going. After giving the 12 companies interview i got selected because Accenture is there for me
    Best of luck.

    Meet you in Accenture.     

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