Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Maharaja Agrasen Institute, Delhi-30 Jun 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Maharaja Agrasen Institute, Delhi-30 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Thanks  a lot to and all the people who pasted their experience in which helped me a lot in my preparations.

    It was a joint campus placement drive at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology Delhi on 30th October through first there was an aptitude test which started at about 9:30 am.
    Aptitude test:
    55 questions (60 minutes)
    Section A
    Questions1 TO 10( Preposition)
    Thet were quite easy just read newspaper you will be able to solve all.
    Questions 10 TO 20.
    Two comprehension passage with 5 questions. Each none of the questions had an direct answer all were inference based. So little bit time consuming but they were easy if you analyze them.
    Section B
    Questions like
    If the question can be answered by 1 then mark 1 and if 2 then mark 2 and so on quite easy again then there were questions from sets and then one blood relation question and a question like if  Anu's rank is 2nd from top in a class of 6 what is her rank from the bottom and there was one question from cubes like if one cube is cut into pieces then we were required to solve some questions based on it. These were very difficult and one or two questions were there from probabillity.  

    Section C(The easiest of all)
    If 1 and 3 match then mark 2 answer and if 1 and 2 match then mark 2 and so on and then if + means * and * measns+ ETC simple bodmas questions.

    Then certain conditions were given then a set of five questions were given you can easily solve them just read the conditions carefully.

    Results were declared after 2 hours Luckily my name was there in last batch.
    Then were required to fill form about personal details and skills in my skils section i just wrote.
    Then in 15 minutes were taken for GD and IT was total fish market please please Guys don't do that because then you have chances that your whole group will be rejected please listen to everyone. 
    Our Topic was should forma dress code bethere in the company when i started speaking HR looked at me but i had to stop speaking because someone interuped  Em but some i manged to speak one point and when 3-4 minutes left our group decidec to speak individually i repeated  the same point again. And one more point so guys just speak one or two points that are then enough we were told the results immidialtely. 

    Now i had wait for 1 and half hour for my interview but the HR's of Accenture are really cool they will make you comfortable. 
    Technical interview:
    HR: so how was you day?
    Me: IT was good.
    HR: so there are you from?
    Me: Patiala.

    HR: So where are you staying today?
    Me: botenical garden greater Nodia.
    HR: Oh gurneet you are from there?
    Me: No sir i'm not from there i am just staying today with friends.HR:SO WHERE ARE U STAYING TODAY?
    HR: So what are your plans from today?
    Me: I will have a party sir if i get selected.
    HR: Where in Nodia or in Patiala?
    Me: Today in Nodia and in Patiala when i go back.
    HR: So gurneet where have you tried till date?
    Me: RBH solutions he asked where is it i told Patiala he said so you are looking for a job in Patiala i said no sir actually there was an opening tt is why i applied over there and he asked where i said TCS.
    HR: So what happend there?
    Me: I was rejected in the first round.
    HR: Why?
    Me: MY preparations were not upto the mark that they should be.
    HR: So this is your first interview?
    Me: Yes sir, it is the first interview of an MNC
    HR: Ok gurneet so you know C++?
    Me: Yes sir,
    HR: So what is polymorphism?
    Me: Told
    HR: So what is function overloading?
    Me: Answered
    HR: Can U explain
    Me: Explained
    HR: Can you give me an example?
    Me: Sure sir i asked can i write program he offered me a pen i said no sir thank you i have a pen i started the program from iostream and started explaning he said gurneet first write it and then explain me i was writing the program he interuppted me and said what does the semi colon means. I explained.
    HR: Ok so what about databases?
    Me: Sir I was not good at databases?
    HR: But gurneet you must have cleared the exam?
    Me: I said yes sir but the exam was totally theoritical and IT was a long time back now i can't recall IT he asked me to write the query for create table?
    Me: Some how i a managed to write query an DI was stil thinking he said and what about that a structure?

    Me: I know the simple basic definitions of stacks, queries and linked list
    HR: So what are stacks and quese and what does they follow LIFO or FIFO?
    Me: Answered
    HR: So you have done your training  in networks so on which procotol does internet work?
    Me: Told
    HR: what does TCP/IP do?
    Me: I AID the full AD full form and started speaking the ful forms and said i can't recall it sir as soon i said data link layer he asked me the function to it i said errror correction detection and than i suddenly said sry and answered all. Then in the end he asked me so are you willing to relocate.
    Me: Sure sir
    Now in 3 minutes i was told i have been selected
    Now again waited for 1 and half hour for my interview.
    HR: So tell me something about yourself?
    Me: I started speaking about my family background?
    He: She interrupted me and repeated the question.
    Me: Immediately i spoke my strenghts and hobbies and then one question was asked from my hobby answered.
    HR: So gurneet if there is a dispute between two people in the company what will you do to resolve it?
    And then general questions like are you willing to work in shifts and willing to relocate and if your certificates can be checked and can your background be checked and do you have any gaps in studies i answered all.
    HR: She told me six locations and i have to answer according to my preference?
    I said Banglore first and th others
    HR: Totally surprised why Bangalore you are from Patiala you should have choosen Bangalore.
    Me: Mam IT sia and IT hub so i will more growth that is what i need in life.
    HR: Any questions?
    Me: What kind of Challenges will i be facing in the company?
    HR: What sort O?
    Me: Like everyone in the cooperate with me
    HR: She answered so nicely that i felt i'm already a part of Accenture she said Gurneet as you willing to learn so much so there will be team members and projects managers and that will be so many people everyone will cooperate whith you ok think you gurneet.
    In two-three minutes
    I was told i have bee selected i was realy happy

    Best of luck to all the peoople and wish to see you all in Accenture.

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