Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KIIT, Bhubaneswar-23 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KIIT, Bhubaneswar-23 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends its me vikas koli mandal from padmanava college of engineering.

    I would like to share my experience with u about the Accenture selection procedure. Its very easy just be strong with the basics. One more thing that is required to crack Accenture is that believes in yourself  and be confident. At every stage after written only your confidence is checked. If you are well prepared no one can stop you. And one more thing to remember there is no shortcut to success, you have to be better then
    Others so start your preparation today and feel the passion to achieve the tag of ACCENTURE .  Always reach the venue 3 to 4 hours before the actual time because majority of students are selected from first two batches. Accenture is a big company so is its requirement and always hires freshers in bulk 200-500. So just prepare well, go through the placement papers (available at, try the practice/sample papers, be confident and your name will be in the list.
    The entire selection is divided into 4 phases:
    1) Written test.
    2) Group Discussion
    3) Technicla interview
    4) HR interview

    Written test: (23rd July 2010, location KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 2:00pm) This is completely an elimination round. Most of the student are eliminated in this round (In my case 3000 appeared for written and only 500 were able to get through it) [Statics are not accurate just an overview, actual data is always confidential].


    55 questions were there and 60 minutes time. It consisted of three sections cut off marks is 34 (no negative marking and no sectional cutoff) and remember this is not a university exam where you have to score high, here you just have to pass. Keep in mind that your minimum target is only 34, try to achive it first and if time left do the rest.

    i) English(20 questions)
    a) Fill in the blanks with preposition and articles. Prepare from ?wren and martin?.
    b) Questions on synonyms and antonyms.
    c) Two reading comprehensions not must difficult and related to some technical topics like RAID, Internet protocol, networking etc
    This section is very easy and if you are good in English always start with this section. You can easily score 15/20. If any question is taking more time just leave it and move to the next question. 
    ii) Aptitude(20 questions)
    a) Venn diagram (very very important)
    b) Test knowledge of union and intersection (A U B) and (A?B)
    c) Simple problems on time and distance, work, direction related questions, clock, profit & loss, probability, ratio & proportion, simple multiplication like 123456787* 19=?
    d) Age related problems
    e) Try to solve this section as soon as possible its very important prepare for this section. This is the deciding one.
    iii) Reasoning(15 questions)
    a) Check whether given three words are alike , 1st word and 2nd word are alike, or all are different (very simple even a 5 year child can solve)
    b) A problem will be given followed by two statements. You have to answer whether the problem can be solved by using statement 1, statement 2 , both statement 1 and 2, cannot be solved.(again very very simple)
    c) If + is replaced by *, * is replaced by/ , / is replaced by -. Then 2*2+3-4/3=?( very simple  you need little practice)
    d) Relationship questions(abc  is son of  brother of xyz like this)
    e) If MANGO is replaced with OCPIQ, then what will be CHHERY?
    f) This section is scoring and you can easily get 10/15.
    g) If you are not good in aptitude start with this section, it will boost ur confidence.
    iv) Essay: Extra five minutes will be given to write an essay on a topic(100 words). Don?t take it lightly.
    Group Discussion: (23rd July 2010, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 06:00pm)
    This was the simplest one. 350/500 cleared this round. I was in a group of 16 people and our topic was ?India as a global leader?. Each of us were given 1 minute time to speak. In my group all of us get selected. Some tips you should follow in GD:
    a) Speak only when your chance comes. Never never try to cross check or interrupt while other is speaking.
    b) Whatever is your point speak with confidence and don?t try to copy from others.
    c) Make eye contact with all others while speaking. Even if you don?t know much about the topic not a problem. Only your communication is checked.
    d) Speak less and politely and wait for your turn. Everyone is given a fair chance.
    e) Just tell 2 or 3 points and you will be selected.
    Technical interview (24th July , 2010, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 04:00pm):
    This was the most important. Individually I was called for technical interview and the conversation was like this:
    Me: Knocked the door first and ask may I come in?
    HR: Yes come in, take your seat.
    Me: Thank you sir.

    HR: Tell me about yourself. (this one is the default question in each and every interview. I was prepared for this).

    Me: Said
    HR: Can you just explain something about the projects that you have done?
    Me: Said with full confidence (I knew he will be asking this question so I was very well prepared for this. If you have project in C, C++, Java, .net or any other language interviewer might ask you little bit of coding part. So be prepared for all possible questions related to projects).
    HR: What is php? and why you have choosen php for designing website(my project was in php)?

    Me: I said all about php and explained my project.

    HR: What was your role in the project? Future prospect of the project?

    Me: I said team leader. And explained the rest.

    HR: Tell me about the seminars
    Me: I explained   
    HR: What is the difference between C++ and Java?
    Me: Platform independence, pointer etc with example I explained.
    HR: What is the difference between interface and inheritance?

    Me: Explained

    HR: What is run time polymorphism and encapsulation?
    Me: Explained
    HR: Write a program to find whether a number is prime or not?

    Me: I did correctly. It was quite easy.

    HR: Ok Vikas  you have been selected. Wait in the auditorium for the final HR round

    I thanked god the toughest part over.

    After you cleared 3rd round 80%  job is done. 170/350 got selected

    HR interview (24th July, 2010, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, 10:00 pm):

    If your overall performance is good then nothing to worry here.

    Never try to lie here. Whatever good or bad just tell the truth with confidence. This is what they need. They asked me:

    1) Hello vikas how are you?
    2) Are you felling hungry?
    3) Tell me about yourself?
    4) What  are your strengths and weakness?
    5) What do you know about Accenture? Why you want to join Accenture?
    6) Tell me top 10 software companies in India?
    7) Preferable job location? Do you have offer letter from other companies?
    8) A part from studies what you have done in your college?
    9) Whats your favorite subject?(I said operating system)
    10) What is semaphore? Where it is used?
    11) What are the different types of scheduling?
    12) Linux do you know?
    13) Tell me about your family?
    14) Have you ever lead a team?

     Atlast the interview was over and hr said ?Ok Vikas, you are done. Welcome to Accenture".

    Wow this sentence I would never forget

    At 11:30 they give the offer letter.

    So friends  have confidence & believe in yourself.

    Best of Luck.
    See You in Accenture.

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