Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jadavpur University-12 Jul 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jadavpur University-12 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Now my experiences of Interview. Interview conducted at Jadavpur University on 12th July 2007


    3 HR Person & 3 Tech person were in the grp...

    The Consultancy Firm MERITTRACK was also involved in the process..

    Generally ACCENTURE follows the Four Round Rule in the following sequence....

    1 Apti

    2 GD



    But in our case GD was not there due to shortage of time as the Team came late.....Followed by the Apti Round was the PPT session....


    It started off with Apti Round??..There were 55 questions 2 b answered within stipulated 60 mins?Question was relatively easy?..In all there were 3 sections?.

    Please go through ?.

    1)      Quantitative Apti?. R.S Aggarwal

    2)      Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning?R.S Aggarwal?

    I answered around 45 questions correctly?Others I made a wild guess?After 1.5 hrs, apti results were declared?.My name was there?.

    Out of around 200 candidates, 58 qualified in apti round??


    Then there was a PPT session for 1 hr?.Here I answered almost all the teasers and I got the maximum goodies 4 that...My first impression became the last impression...


    Then after 30 mins break??We moved to the HR Round?.. My interview took around 15 mins?.. All the general HR questions were asked?.I answered all the questions firmly & confidently?. Here your Confidence & Communication Skills is checked?. My perception is that if everything goes fine in this round?.. 80% chances r there 2 get into IT Sector?.


    Then only 20 students were selected 4 the final Tech Round??My one was just for 5 mins or so?. Asked about my Project, subject of interest?. I answered Software Engg. & Multimedia?. Multimedia since I am doing MTech in IT (specialization in Web Tech & MM)?. I knew I am in?.  


    The results were declared & I got through ?. In total, they took 14 candidates?. 4 Mtech guys, 8 BTechs & 2 MCAs?We were given ACCENTURE T_shirt & Offer Letter?.I m very happy?Hope this will help u 4 Accenture?.& Hope 2 c u In Accenture??


    Good Luck  

    Sanjoy Das

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