Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ghaziabad-19 Aug 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ghaziabad-19 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends,
    I am Sushant Varma of AKGEC, Ghaziabad, and got selected in accenture.
    It was an open pool campus, in which around 32 - 35 colleges participated. My written was on 19th august in KIET Ghaziabad. it's result was declared on 23rd aug on internet, then after I ahd my GD and interviews...

    All the rounds were eliminatory, so go prepared for that.
    The major elimination was done in GD (they look mainly for the comm skill, your voice audibility, so just be loud and clear in GD, no use of making too many entries, even if u are not able to speak in between, the moderator will give you the chance in the end)

    Then the Tech. Interview, and then fianlly the HR.
    After the GD, it was not sure, that u'll have the TECH. first or the HR first anything could happen... so be prepared for both after the GD.
    Both the interview round were rigrous I had both of them of around 20 minutes each.

    They ask much deep in the Tech. but I was not asked much deep in my Tech, rather I was geared up in the HR, he asked me about C++, Java, DBMS.... (as I had a project on Java Client - Server Application) and many more things..... they ask about your favourite subjects also, I told him Control Systems, as I was fron Electrical.... But he did'nt ask anything from it..

    Most of the persons were eliminated in Tech. but in HR most of them were selected, but ther were persons also who were rejected in HR too.
    people appeared in written approx. 11000
    no. who cleared the written approx. 7000
    no. who cleared GD approx. 1000 to 1100
    no. who cleared 1st round interview 350 to 400
    no. who were finally selected after the 2nd round = 263

    So don't get afraid just belive in yourself and u'll get your part of success. It was my 8th company in which i got selected. In the earlier companies I was not able to clear the written also....... so it very much depend upon your Luck, that day.

    So meet you all in accenture.
    Sushant Varma

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