Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bvraju College Of Engg, Hyderabad-26 Nov 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bvraju College Of Engg, Hyderabad-26 Nov 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    How you people will find my experience in TCS also the same type of experience i will share here once again, because i am recruited in both of this companies (TCS @ Accenture). You might be thinking that why i mis used the opportunity of employement of another student but i attended the interview to be a supportive to my friend but, bad luck he is rejected, luckily i got selected let begin my journey to Accenture.

    Every company's battle begin with a mortal combat that is written test most of the selection lifes end with this there may be people who are intelligent but was'nt lucky enough. But i am converse to the above statement that is i'm not a intelligent but little lucky because the written test  elimination is eliminated by me and by my friend which was very happy moment for both of us but in Accenture there is group combat called gd so my friend got eliminated in that. So lets begin.

    Written test:

    See in Accenture there is general written test in which every normal guy can clear it no need to prepare. General topics called as prepositions, articles(a, an, the)etc and 3 meanings out of which 1 is easy 2 are tough, no need to prepare, coding decoding, observation of answers (options) and see which are similar options, passages 2 very lenghty search based on question don't read whole, statements and assumptions, and given data and answer to be written based on analysis of given data, i could have given the questions but they are really very easy, coming to quantitative just read only venn diagrams finish your preparation but you need to be fast because no time and there high cutoff may be 35 for 55 questions and 60 mins. Needs to be fast and accurate.

    Group Discussion:

    Speak something wrong or correct, be positive don't be dum person speak your speaking is tested communication is tested.

    Technical round:
    Try to be confident on what so ever your answer may be right or wrong  learn complete knowledge on your project its enough and learn concepts on functions arrays pointers in C enough

    HR round:

    Highly risky most students got elimintaed here but if your technically good HR is blah blah smile but don't laugh be confident learn some thing about Accenture and its logo meaning and projects taken up by it, its enough hope you people to be seen in Accenture all the best guys. Your day will be coming to write a experience like this because my turn came, which is my dream previously, now its your turn all the best hope for good tc.

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