Accenture  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SKNCOE, Pune-09 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SKNCOE, Pune-09 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends, has a huge role in my success. This is tribute to all those who have shared their experience on this site.
    Accenture had come in our campus on 9th and 10th July, 2010. On 9th, they started the process by taking our aptitude first. There were almost 780 students who appeared for the aptitude. Aptitude was a fairly simple task. Their pattern was normal (55 questions in 60 minutes). You need to have a little logic to crack it. I had prepared myself from R.S. Aggrawal but apart from giving confidence it was of no use. The aptitude was divided into three categories viz. English, Problem Solving and Data Interpretation.
    In English, there were 5 questions on articles, 5 fill in the blanks and there were two passages for reading comprehension. In Data interpretation, there were simple problems like:
    Odd man out:

    67896532 6789632 67896532 67896532

    There were also several questions on:

    If +=*, -=/, *=- and /=+ then what is the value of 5+6*3-2/9?

    First two sections had 20 questions each and the last section had 15 questions. Though the aptitude was simple, it was difficult to solve those 55 questions within the alotted time (60 minutes.) They had also asked to write an essay on ?The importance of computer science in getting a job in IT industry?. No extra time was given to us to complete the essay. We had to complete it within those sixty minutes only along with the aptitude.

    456 students were shortlisted from the aptitude. Fortunately, I was one of them and I was the topper from our branch (E&TC).

    Then there was technical interview.

    Questions asked:

    Ø  Introduce yourself.
    Ø  Draw Kmap of any gate. (I drew for AND gate.)
    Ø  How can you obtain a 4*4 KMAP?
    Ø  Which circuits will you need for the same?
    Ø  Tell me different subjects u have studied.
    Ø  What is 8087?
    Ø You have written a very good essay. Can you comment about the same?
    Ø  I can see from your marksheets that you have a very good percentage in your 10th standard but not so well in 12th. Why is this so?
    Ø  Do you want to ask something? (Don?t loose this opportunity and always ask something about the company)
    I gave satisfactory answers to all the questions that were asked. The I came to know that I have cleared the technical round. The HR round was just a formality. But it was like a stress intwerview. The interviewer never listened to me and always crossed me before I could finish my answer. But I didn?t loose my calm and answered all his questions confidently. Here they test your confidence and communication skills. So, maintain a good eye contact with the interviewer.
    Questions asked:
    Ø  Introduce yourself?
    Ø  Why Vishwanathan Anand is your favourite player?
    Ø  What does your father and mother do?
    Ø  Why Accenture?  (Here, I told him that to be a perfectionist is the aim of my life and to be the BEST, I have to work with the BEST. Then he caught me on my ?perfectionist? point and then bombarded loads of questions on it.)
    Ø  Why do you want to become a perfectionist in your life?
    Ø  I can show 5 imperfections in you at this moment.
    Ø  Will you accept a person with imperfections?
    Ø  Then he asked to give the location preference.
    Friends, Accenture selected 319 students from our campus and I?m now a part of Accenture?s family.
    High Performance. Delivered.

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