Accenture  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   Truba College,Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

Accenture  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   Truba College,Bhopal-2 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hello friends this is aadesh here. first of all i want to make it very clear that cracking accenture is quite easy task. I know there is a misconceptions about accenture but believe me if you focus on your basics you'll definitely go through it.
    It was an open campus and there were around 2700 students from different cities also.
    Selection Process was of  four rounds:-
    1) Written -
             (a)Only reasoning and English time 30 min 55 questions
             (b)Essay on INDIAN POLITICS SYSTEM time given was 5 min
                 If u get through this step half of your job is done.
    2) Group Discussion-
            this is second round and need not to be very much cautious about it. Just try to make out ur presence over there .
           Try to speak more Points shud b relevant to topic. My Topic was "Does B.E/MCA  Percentage assists in campus placements Y/N ?   and Why?" actually this topic created fish market out there. so the evaluator gives us the second topic for girls to Speak good qualties of Boys and for Boys to speak good qualities abt girls.

          Remember 1 thing Don't try to dominate other members.Speak ur points gently and Listen Others carefully.
           others Topic were Globalization,liberalization of media,attacks on Indian students in Australia etc.

    out of 15 . 13 got selected and I was one of them.

    3)Technical Interview

               for technical interview make sure whatever things u have specified in ur CV u knows it. They will ask about ur Project , about ur fav subject , c/c++ (basics) and the language u hv specified(in my case java).

    HR-u hv been waiting for a long time is'nt?
    ME-yes sir . but its ok
    HR-are u hungry?
    ME-a bit, but it's nt an issue.
    HR-u hv specified so many things (c/c++,Oracle 9i,HTMl,DHTML,JAVA(core/advanced)), these things are not in ur curriculum . from where did u hv done it.
    HR-so u knw Oracle Deeply?
    ME-no sir i hv done Oracle work force development Prog. from my college itself but did it in 5 th sem. I need to brush up all the things.
    HR-so u know nothing abt Oracle?
    ME-I know the basics. like CURD operations Joins etc.
    HR-wht is COMMIT and ROLLBACK
    HR-apart from Prgming wht is ur fav subject?
    ME-Computer Netwks and DBMS
    HR-wht diff b/w file and Databse?
    HR-u r making me to ask ques from DBMS intentionally?
    ME-no sir, im comfortable with JAVA.
    then he asked some logical basics que from java and i answered it with confidence. it was my Positive aspect of my inerview
    HR-tell me something that u can do but u don't want to do?
    ME-i can't deceive anyone at any cost moreover i can't lie.
    HR-U hv given any Project on Java and Oracle and in dept. u only kns these languages.u hv given a deadline of say 10 days and 5 days later u feel that u can't submit it till deadlines. How will u make it out?
    Me-I will teach only those modules of these languages to my friends  which is going to be used in this project and i'll take help from them.
    HR-so u'll not teach complete language just bcz they will be ur competitor in future.
    Me-no it's not true. Without competition a human life is like hell. I can assure u wherever i'll b i will create a healthy competition over there.
    HR-that good (He impressed )
    HR- (just basics of JavaScript/c/c++)
    HR-it was a nice meeting u mr. aadesh. He shook his hands and said me to wait for next round(it was a clue that i hv qualified this round)
    finally the results came and my name was there.

    4) HR round- It was a horrible round where the filtering process was taking place. two f my friends already got rejected in this round so i was nervous. finally my name called for HR

    HR-introduce urself
    HR-what according to u is success?
    HR-why Accenture?
    ME-bcz it's tycoon in IT, BPO and consulting services. and some more reasons.
    HR-tell me something u failed to do but u did it with ur hardwork and talent.
    HR-what is d biggest challenge to u? and how did u get it?
    HR-can u sign bond (actually there was'nt any but still he was asking)
    ME-definitely sir.
    HR-any prblm with relocation
    ME-not at all.
    HR-any year gap
    ME-no sir.
    HR-any other offer letter.
    Me-no(if u hv any plz don't mention it othrwise u will dig ur own grave)
    Hr-all the best. you may go now.

    finally they out the results at 8 pm and around 60 students got selected from batch 2 (there were 2 more batches)
    and that day itself they give the offer letter to us. guys now that i v revealed all the stages of accenture selection process very clearly u must hv gained some confidence on it. Don't worry u all will be placed in a good company just keep faith in god and u.

    Bye Bye see u in accenture,
    With Best Regards
    Aadesh Singh Chauhan
    B.E(hons) IT
    SIRT bhopal

  • 28 Jan, 2013

    thanks sir for sharing this information....i was excatly looking for this

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