Abacus  Placement Paper   General - Other   -21 Sep 2008

Abacus  Placement Paper   General - Other   -21 Sep 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,I am vinaya and I got selected in Abacus Computech .I would like to share my experience with you all????The interview process had four rounds???.
    1.)Written test
    2.)Group Discussion
    3.)Technical Interview
    4.)HR interview

    The written test consisted of 30 questions and the time is 30 min.
    10-C questions
    The C questions are not that easy??..but u will surely get through it if u check out www.ittestpapers.com .All the questions are from this website only. So , there?s no need to panic.
    Aptitude questions are also fine. U need to work during the exam?..Just practice the general aptitude questions in various websites. Its better to practice the test questions. Just be attentive and concentrate on the questions, u will surely get through it.
    Verbal is a walk on a cake???.it is very easy?don?t waste your time on Verbal.
    Sometimes they don?t consider verbal because it is that easy. Only concentrate on C and Aptitude. Let me tell, the best thing is?????.NO SECTIONAL CUTOFF.Out of 30 u need to score 12 or 13(sometimes it is 10),that is more than enough to get through.

    GD in Abacus is very easy. It is not a GD actually. They give a particular topic and ask u to talk for 2 minutes. Each and every person will get their chance .They don?t  bother what u talk but they see how u talk.My topic was UR MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN COLLEGE and sometimes the current topics. I talked only for 1min,but I was very loud ,clear, with a smile on my face and I talked looking at all instead of staring at the HR.

    Technical is a bit tough for CSE and IT. But for all other branches it is fine. They ask about the basics in your subject. Being an IT student I had an interview for 15-20 minutes, but for other branches it went for 3-5 minutes. So if your from CSE or IT be perfect with C, C++ JAVA. Of course it depends on your resume, don?t make it complicated  with languages like J2EE or so.

    HR is also easy. It will last for some 2-3 minute and at the most 5 minutes. Just be what you are??.Don't be artificial??.Express your own views?.they give certain situations and see how u handle the situation.

    So finally I got through all these rounds and on September 21st evening at 4:30 I got my result. U know friends this is my 5h company and I couldn't get through the written also in all the 5 companies I previously attended. So don?t worry friends. If u are not selected in a company then a better company is waiting for?????. ALL THE BEST

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